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  1. Anyone know if the 4k footage ever becomes available online?
  2. Pretty much did the same as Harrison BB Cut off most of the tip of the screw piece I left a little nub to fit into the hex key hole on the butt of the grip to keep the sensor centered Whittle down the nub so it will fit into the hex hole and sit flush Cut squares of Scotch Extremely Strong Mounting Tape and apply to sensor Cut a hole in the middle of the square, I used a utility knife to cut an X so the nub could poke through Trim excess tape, including around the nub Layer until flush with lip of sensor, in order to make contact with the end of the grip, I used 3 layers [*]Apply sensor to putter Looks pretty stock and the adhesive set pretty quick. 2nd pic is me holding the putter by the sensor just a minute or so after application. Letting it cure sitting in the bag. You could probably even cut the lip of the sensor off and get it to sit even further down. Shoulda taken more pics but it's pretty self explanatory
  3. ogc


    What's the golf.tv price and does it include early featured group coverage? If it's cheaper or better than NBC Sports Gold, now $65, might be worth trying to get access via VPN in the US?
  4. Our boy Tursky got the deets on the face insert via https://www.pgatour....aylor-made.html
  5. Echoing the tech/gadget/consumer launch monitor calls. Also interested if Arccos is releasing any new hardware or updates
  6. Any consensus on Amazon vs NBC? Amazon is touting free featured hole coverage for Prime members, https://smile.amazon.com/pga-schedule, but is this going to be available for all from pgatour.com?
  7. Last week I was furious over the new graphics. Now I couldn't care less
  8. I enjoy Baylands. Pasa is obviously one of the best recommended on here that you can easily get a tee time. Haven't played Poppy Hills but it's worth looking into for sure from what I hear. Blackhorse/Bayonet down that way as well. If you really want to play TPC Harding for the "experience", i don't think there's anything wrong w/ that but I was disappointed after playing, just didn't find it overly interesting. Poppy Ridge and Wente in Livermore are good choices. I would pass on Poplar Creek and Crystal Springs, they're typical nothing special munis and are notorious for slow play.
  9. I tried Golfshot yesterday. I used the free 7-day paid version. It satisfied all of my requirements, with a couple of quibbles. It used about 60% of my watch battery. I charge my watch nightly and 40% easily gets me through the day so this isn't a problem if it doesn't get worse. It took the GPS up to three seconds to stabilize. Not nearly as good as Hole 19, but not terrible. I was annoyed that I couldn't modify the default score and putts - then I found that you do this with the watch crown. A bit funky in comparison to tapping up/down arrows on the watch face, but not a problem. I really like the use of force touch to bring up the advanced features! I used the app in standalone mode. Is this consistent with your experience with Golfshot, or am I missing something? Sorry I just use the app on the iPhone, don't have the Apple Watch and don't/can't play w/ a watch on.
  10. I've been using Golfshot for years and really like it. The paid version should meet all your requirements, don't judge based on the free version, which doesn't give a good picture of the paid version imo. I like the ease of use and the ability to take screenshots on my scorecards and share them easily through social media after. Other apps have sharing features but I found the screenshots from Golfshot the easiest vs links or other app's screenshot view. Keep an eye on their twitter as they sometimes give 50% off deals, believe these only work for new customers. Well worth the $30/year imo, though I'm thinking of trying Arccos this year
  11. Bingo. Was just going to say same. Would love to find some NOS VSteel! Still gaming a bone stock V Steel 3w
  12. Yep saw that too. Digging the bronze colorway
  13. I'm going to disagree with you on that, found it really annoying. Too much going on on the screen, can we just watch some golf. The old graphics would usually indicate what shot the player was about to hit, this was more legible than the current transparent "For Birdie/Eagle" that they're showing. Conversely he new player summary and learderboards are too opaque and distracting. Old versions win on both fronts imho
  14. Old school in a bad way. Makes you really sit back and appreciate how un-distracting the old ones were What is with that font? Everything is too big and too rectangular. Colors are a little too bright and have nearly zero transparency
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