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  1. You are proposing that electronic training equipment for golf should be regulated?
  2. I heard they are renaming Hole # 17, "Pickled Pear"
  3. Now Greg is vicariously expressing Tiger's point of view. Greg.
  4. I'll tell you what's entertaining - this thread. I'm guessing (going out on a limb here) that those making suggestions for his game are probably the same hopeful people that posted things during the good years such as, "he's the next Tiger", "he'll win 15 more majors", "marriage will be good for him", "he is unstoppable" and my favorite, "I now putt with my eyes closed."
  5. What average are you looking for - mean, median or mode? As Rex would say..................
  6. "Greg...............look at him"
  7. Well folks, this is Greg_B. He is going to enlighten us, and Tiger Woods apparently, on what dinner selection is befitting such an event. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ITj_/2nd-swing-patron-saint-of-do-overs-come-on-greg
  8. You simply can't find this information anywhere except at WRX!
  9. I'll pass. I'm going to catch up on some reading..........one of my holiday favorites.
  10. Ballhawks are best used in combination with a Greg Norman Secret and the Korg SR-1G metronome.
  11. They scalp the existing turf to dirt level then over-seed. I guess when you add almost perfect growing conditions to unlimited funds, you "get green" fast.
  12. Tell that to the former employees of Butterfield Trail in El Paso and Presidential in Miami.
  13. Re: Is there any more concrete data that suggests in near freezing temperatures, the combination of 1 yard carry per 10 degree drop, + less tramp effect on cold balls, + soft ground, + stiff muscles or more layers of clothing = an average of X yards distance loss on drives? No, absolutely not. It's clear things react differently in cold.
  14. Changes at the Augusta Nat'l.
  15. Oh, I thought it was a new video game.
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