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  1. Insurance companies use a telematics device - it plugs in to the OBD-II port under the dash. It tracks and records driver behavior such as hard braking and quick acceleration - gives a monthly report. Some insurance providers discount good driving. My Lexus app provides the same information, essentially in real time and even tells me tire pressure.
  2. And he said it without the contraction.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhhKvXMS2fM
  4. You don't like playing with quirky guys? Watching a weird pre-shot routine amuses me and actually helps me to relax. I chuckle to myself and it removes tension. It's kind of like watching the show Hoarders. I watch it and think to myself, "I may have some strange tendencies in life but I am not that screwed up." You end up feeling pretty good about yourself.
  5. Based on accident data already known, I would surmise they will be looking at the traction control information. This will identify the point in time the first tire left the pavement, or lost traction. Did he swerve first or was it speed excessive that caused his tire(s) to lose contact with the pavement (or a combination of both)? It will be interesting to hear what happened. Traction control can manually disabled by the driver. I doubt he turned it off.
  6. A woman's maiden name in Norway.
  7. There are no unwritten rules - they are not shy about taking entry dollars.
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