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  1. Years ago, I decided to simplify my game from start to finish. I carry 11 clubs. D, H-3, 4-SW, P
  2. Sounds to me like you're probably a morning business brain too. I think better on the course in the AM.
  3. Don just said it, And it's a post I like, You must bomb it longer, Or take a hike.
  4. Phil. Well played. Only 4 wins since 2015? And none of them won decidedly. And he got married last year. And not setting the world on fire.
  5. Shining a seat with his buttocks on a plane after a missed cut.
  6. Hit it long, Score like crap, Seek praise on forum, That's a wrap.
  7. It's either former Scorpion Attack Helicopter pilot, Eric Stoller, or St, Louis sportswriter, Stewart Benoski or producer, Benton Raycroft. Just a guess.
  8. After he fails at golf, he'll be selling his popsicle stick bridges on EBAY.
  9. Fernando Rey - Legend. Ferguson - Not so much.
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