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  1. # 1 at Camp David is 3X better.
  2. I remember when I thought Sandra Bullock vanished for real. Geez, a world without Sandra Bullock is not a world I want to live in.
  3. After listening to Kay Cockerill yesterday, I needed to take a cold shower.
  4. Phil and the US Open - it's a story every year. He looked less than relaxed yesterday. He'll settle down today.
  5. "I do declare, this place looks much different than what me and Al Mac dreamed up in '33. And who is this Bruce guy?"
  6. C'mon. The team is working through the issues. Chicken wing anyone?
  7. Better than hearing Verne eating nachos or Dottie's infrequent sounds of digestion.
  8. There are incentives out there for social effectiveness.
  9. Bruce's tee shot on 7 almost hit a guy eating a giant burrito.
  10. It's always the same story when a couple splits either from church, extended family or the neighborhood. The whirlwind of speculation ensues. "I didn't know they were having problems." "They always appeared to have a good marriage." "I wonder if it was "her" that went outside the marriage?" ** "He was always traveling." "She was drinking, I think?" "He had problems." **my go-to question in these cases
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