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  1. Brian Barnes. Circa 1975, beat Jack 2x in the same day.
  2. Just went to the pantry and threw out the English muffins, then ran to the store and replaced them with American muffins. GO USA!!!
  3. Differences in the fist pump after a great putt at the Ryder Cup The Euro first pump characterized by either the arm locked at 90 degrees or the elbow and arm moving downward and toward the body, whereas the Americans tend to straighten the arm to a locked position and the the fist goes outward (like bombs bursting in air). USA will win.
  4. Ryder Cup, The Musical. Get your tickets now! Ryan Fellansian from the Cleveland Press: The unclassifiable supernatural omnibus classic includes a neurotically unforgettable performance by both Europe and the USA. Benton Raycroft from Utica Times: If you care about real theater and you’ve never seen Ryder Cup, The Musical you don’t really know yet what it is you care about. Raymond "Stew" Pennington from the Philadelphia Reporters: Golf, marital infidelity, egomaniacal actors, and inept totalitarian commentators all conspire to produce a glorious and absurd competition for TV viewers abroad.
  5. Fernando, Was this topic worth starting a new thread? No. Just a reminder: Jan-2 is Fernando Rey Day (here at the board).
  6. Not everyone here works jobs that are seasonal in nature. Catch that? There is a one guy here works in foundry to support his kids.
  7. There is one tourney Will Zalatoris didn't win.
  8. If the electrician was concerned about kids, he should have installed GFCIs. Ground orientation is moot.
  9. Some electricians use ground up to signify a switch controlled outlet. Either orientation meets local and US national building code.
  10. 1979 BC OPEN champ and unsung legend known as The Tweety Bird. Oh my, did he have a move. Father of seven children. @Steele47 - special thanks to you for mentioning Tweety in a different thread. This guy is a legend in at least two cities.
  11. I thought a snub was a small merchant ship.
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