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  1. You can already see the impact of the pending marriage on Morikawa. 5 shot lead down the drain. In regard to the engagement, someone close to him should advise, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!
  2. It's not going to end well. 18-26 months.
  3. Ask Bruce what he thinks about angles and he'll say, "favorite dinosaur is t-rex."
  4. What about a 4 handicap with exceptionally large forearms and currently maintaining a stable marriage?
  5. He'll never play again. Ferguson, F.M.D.
  6. Wayne Player assured Greg Norman they both would be relevant again. Wayne Player has money, influence and the name to get things done.
  7. Yoga, medium weights, running, walking and core training has always worked well for me. Added meditation last year.
  8. Someone mentioned he was hanging out with Greg Norman. I don't know what to believe.
  9. It does suck, but that's what defines a legend. If he didn't push it so hard, he never would have achieved greatness. High level performance and success comes with a cost of admission. Late in his career, Jack needed 45 minutes of PT before teeing it up. Larry Bird and Mickey Mantle - same thing.
  10. Wayne Player will not be at at the Masters.
  11. The same can be said of an irresponsible physician.
  12. Forum physicians, forum physicians, where art thou forum physicians? Why are you doctors? crickets...............
  13. I played Wilson Blue Ridge woods and irons - first set. My first bag was a Voit, brown leather. The small wood heads were the size of the modern hybrid. They left very little margin for error as a kid in terms of ball striking. "Right in the screws." Clicking spikes meant one thing - you were either starting a round or finishing one. I vividly remember the day the club changed to soft spikes. There were 5 guys sitting at a table swapping spikes - it was like the world was changing. It was like the foundry plant shut down and we were turning in our heat suits.
  14. That it's easier to learn how to fly a Scorpion Attack Helicopter than make 18 straight pars.
  15. My brother works with a guy who has a sister in medicine. She stocks the "pain relief" section at a Kroger Grocery Store. She said Tiger will have trouble walking and it will probably hurt more when it's cold. She makes ambrosia for Thanksgiving and no one eats it.
  16. I think it's good practice to wear a tam during all spectating at the British Open.
  17. Regular tour events lost their pizazz after Peter Kostis and his Konica Minolta Bizhub Swing Vision Camera were kicked to the curb.
  18. Isn't that Gary's ex-wife? The guy that works in a foundry, right?
  19. It was also the nickname for the MB R107 series. I used to own a 1989 560SL. It was awesome to drive. https://www.mbca.org/sites/default/files/STAR_R107 BuyGuideSepOct09_0.pdf
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