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  1. Jupiter Hills Mountain Lake Bel-Air CC (LA) Stone Eagle Streamsong Black Streamsong Red World Woods Pine Barrens World Woods Rolling Oaks Black Diamond Ranch Sara Bay CC Sweetens Cove Pinehurst #2 Pinehurst #4 Tobacco Road
  2. As someone who lived in the Tampa Bay Area, it’s kind of a wasteland of ok courses with zero great ones. If you can get on a private course that’s a little better. Unfortunately you have to get in your car for a trip to mind a worthy course- Streamsong has three of them Brooksville area has three of them World Woods x2 & Southern
  3. I finally finished my 2018 golf year. Here is my official top courses played. 1) Pine Valley (played twice) 2) National Golf Links of America 3) Oakmont (played 4 times) 4) Fishers Island 5) Sleepy Hollow 6) Sand Hills 7) Seminole 8) Maidstone 9) Ballyneal 10) Newport CC Not sure I can top this year, but not complaining. Hoping to play some of these again in the future.
  4. 1. Pine Valley 2. Oakmont 3. National Golf Links of America 4. Fishers Island 5. Sleepy Hollow 6.Newport CC 7. Maidstone 8. Sand Hills 9. Shoreacres 10. Ballyneal It was a great golf year! I am not sure if I will ever Top it. The ranking for “most fun” is a bit different.
  5. I did a fairly extensive search for the best rain gear and I think the hands down winner is KJUS. They have two options the 3.0L and the 2.5L. The 2.5L is the lightest rain jacket I have ever owned. It weighs less than three golf balls! I have the 2.5L in a short sleeve pullover and the 3.0L in the full length zip up jacket. They are both light- they are both not baggy and as important to me if they don’t make that annoying swishing sound when I walk. Now that being said- I am going to buy a pair of the waterproof Galloway Bay rain pants. I have heard people raving about them.
  6. I could have bought that set about 10 years ago for $10K. I passed on it because back then only collected golf items pre-1930. Not my best moment.
  7. I have purchased both the long sleeve Kjus 3.0L rain jacket and the Ljus 2.5L half sleeve rain pullover. They are both fantastic.
  8. This. I tried everything and have never once strayed from Kjus once trying it. I bought a ton of their other stuff now too, I like the gear that much. Fit, stretch and comfort are all equally important and Kjus has it all. And it keep you bone dry too. Couldn’t agree more on Kjus. I purchased their long sleeve 3.0L for the Northern States and the Kjus 2.5L half sleeve pullover for the Southern States. The 3.0L is amazing, but the 2.5L is the lightest rain jacket I have ever worn and it weighs less than 3 golf balls. It also comes with a storage back about the size of a soda can. It was mentioned above, but the fit is perfect. Nothing worse than baggy rain gear that makes a bunch of noise when you move. The best I have seen.
  9. Private clubs are just that private and there are pros and cons that go along with it. Pro side: -> At the high end private club the conditioning is suburb -> The high end clubs can afford and will shut down their course for over a year to perform superior historic restorations -> Generally speaking they can control the pace much better- at Seminole for instance you play your round in 3.5 hours (whether you finish 18 holes or not). -> As for majors the private clubs can make the sacrifice to shut down and ultimately destroy their course with spectators and corporate tents Con Side -> These events trample the course -> Assessments - members get the bill for any cost over run. My father in law once received a bill for $20,000 at the end of the year for his share of the restoration of their course Most public courses just don’t have the resources available at a private club. As for opening the course to the public, I play 99% of my golf at private courses, between my own which is pretty good to those that are ranked in the Top 100. The better the club the more the membership is encouraged to bring outside guests to experience the course. Ask around, make friends and make connections that can help you play some of these courses- then make sure to pay back the member the fees or anything they spent on your golf.
  10. Eliott Golf Bag made me one of the best, most unique golf bags I have ever seen. It’s a black and white Holstein Cowhide Bag.
  11. July - Olympia Fields August - Oakmont Sand Hills Stonewall Old Pine Valley September- Shoreacres National Golf Links Winged Foot Fisher’s Island October - Prairie Dunes
  12. I played it in January and it had the chance to be a great course. Very sad!!!
  13. Easy one for me: Sleepy Hollow in New York. It is simply amazing. Designed by both C.B. MacDonald and Tillinghast and then restored by Gil Hanse- it is spectacular and currently ranked #101. If someone told me it should be in the Top 10 I could see their argument...not sure if I would agree it’s a Top 10, but I could see their argument.
  14. 54 holes in one day? sounds like golf heaven :-) . Love the Hagen photo!
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