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  1. Lost my COVID weight before it was shorts season. Have 3 pair of brand new Nike shorts Black, light grey, and khaki. All size 40. Purchased this winter now too big. Paid 65$ each on Nike dot com. Selling for $40 each or $100 for all three. Also have 2 pair of size 14 shoes that are brand new and never have seen grass for sale. Air Max 90s in grey which I believe to be sold out in this size for was 135 now 125$$. The other pair are Vapor Pro 2 in the rare silver and green color way (I think these were a masters release?) for was 125$ Now 115$. Don’t have the boxes anymore. Just tried
  2. Not currently. I am gaming Ventus Blue 7X in my 3 wood. Drank the Kool-Aid and I like it. Kept the White 80X just in case.
  3. Got some extra shafts First Tensei Pro White 60tx with callaway adapter and lamkin tour cord with a couple extra wraps. Right around 44.5 with grip. Looking for Sold Second: Project X Small Batch Hazrdus Smoke Yellow 70 6.0 has a Titleist adapter with new Tour velvet 360. A shade over 43.5” looking for was $140 now $125 Last: set of CTaper 120 stiff 4 to PW. Longest is a shade under 38” shortest is a shade over 35”. Played 1/2 inch over standard in JPX Tour 900s. Very good shape Zcord midsize grips and sick set of BB&F Jubilee ferrules that are in great shape. Looking for $sold all prices
  4. I’d take the 3 iron shaft if someone wanted the other shafts and your willing to split.
  5. Axman55

    Titleist TS4

    I played the TS4 8.5 most of last year with Hazard Smoke Yellow and a Tensei PO shaft and really liked it. Had a couple of sub par rounds at the end of the season. I get steep and fight spin so when Titleist said they were making a lower spinning head I was all in. Preordered it and got it in July when they first came out. Its not the most forgiving club, but sounds good and looks great. Hit some bombs with it and it’s definitely an improvement on 917 D3. I haven’t hit the TS3 so can’t compare that. Switched to the Mavrik SZ with a Rogue Silver 60TX this year and have gained quite a bit of ya
  6. I’ve been playing the Rogue Silver 60tx in my driver and have absolutely loved it. I am a bit of a shaft ho and have tried/owned way too many shafts (last year I gamed Tensei PW, Tensei PO, Accra TZ5, Project X “Hulk”, and Smoke Yellow). I am currently playing the stock Rogue White80x in my 3wood (previously I was playing TPW 80TX) and it is the best 3 wood shaft I’ve ever hit. I ordered it in because it was the heaviest, stiffest stock shaft Callaway offered for the Mavrik SZ and I wanted to try the new Rogue line. I was thinking I would switch it out, but I have really been surprised how we
  7. Big fan of the Aldila Rogue 130 line. Playing the Silver 60TX in driver and the stock White 80X. Crazy good for me.
  8. Anyone try and blow these on verses traditional install?
  9. Owned both, MPs feel much better with better ball flight and turf interaction for me.
  10. i also wanted add that I have 3 additional weights straight from Cobra for the F9 I will include with the purchase of the driver. I had some questions regarding swing weight for the 44.5” driver and with these you can adjust to your preference.
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