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  1. For all those who have stated the Mizuno MP-5; guys can you please elaborate why you all are so enamoured with them?
  2. Hey everyone, Have had this on my mind for quite a while, but was wondering everyone's thoughts on putter shaft weight in correlation to putter head weight. Basically lets say your putter head weight was 355grams (I will simply use this as an example). Now are you better off going lighter with the putter shaft, say the 120gram mark or so (which most steel putter shafts tend to be) or are you better off going heavier shaft to match with the heavier head? I know shimada out of Japan makes a 130+gram stepless putter shaft. Heavy head - are you better off with a lighter sha
  3. And of course if you go the MCW route, you can really manipulate these anyway you want, with the face progression, topline, sole grind, etc.
  4. That is true, all the builds are done out of Toronto. As for the OP, that is something I have been wondering as well, a trustworthy club guy here in the greater vancouver area....I do not have any first hand experience with these listed below but perhaps you could reach out to them; Terry Visosky at westwood plateau; https://www.westwoodplateaugolf.com/club-repair/ Bill Chen at Titan Golf in Surrey; https://titangolf.ca/about/ Lincoln Li at Fraserview Golf Academy (I think he does club work?) https://www.fraser
  5. what is this? all this info plus more was posted in the initial post that i used to start this thread?
  6. I have one more thing to add, and this is a direct quote from nippon shaft; Only 2,000 sets were made of this global limited version, but a standard chrome version may be offered based on the feedback. TBD on release and as such, TBD on release date.
  7. They should have released the chrome alongside the limited black sets. Personally I do not like the black ones at all, I do not like the finish or look, and not to mention cringe 10th anniversary lettering, like they could have done without that as well.
  8. I do not know for certain, there is a serial number in the pic, so you could ask them to run it and tell u the mcw options? To be honest it could be the stock finish, or it could be one of the satin finishes.....there was no info or specs with the pics.
  9. What is everyone's favourite stamping option for the TB-Zero? Stock, Cursive, or Design? *oh and a bag pic for eaglesgolf99 as well...
  10. I do not see how stating where clubs are made, when the company itself is lying is making bogus claims. If you want to talk crap about TSG and the ownership there, you should at least get your facts straight. Itobori is stamping and passing their clubs off as made in Japan, on open model made in China heads. That is not a fact or up for dispute. Seems like you are the one making false claims, get your facts right before you start making accusations about a subject you clearly know nothing about.
  11. Here are a couple pics in hand of the black finish; again limited to 2000 sets in each flex.
  12. I will second the american flatsticks/patrick gibbons, managed to get my hands on a winnie the pooh/ted cover, it is down right awesome and is going to be on my gamer for a long time!
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