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  1. Have a japanese proxy place an order from a shop on the MCW dealer list. The wait times are getting pretty bad though...I think you are looking at 3 months or so
  2. i highly doubt there will be another run of the 99.3 tb-zero. they are a pain in the a** to grind as the metal composition makes the heads stick to the grinding wheel, there are not too many out there who can actually do the grinding.... as for those looking for a set, they are out there you just need to know which shops in japan may still have stock and see if they can communicate in english and are willing to ship overseas. otherwise get a proxy to purchase them for you, if you want a set bad enough you should still be able to find one....as for being able to select which 99.3 fi
  3. I have not come across anything since those pics were posted on the ameblo blogs; even the flyer/pamphlet that had the pics said info coming soon....i guess its a waiting game for the time being. what i would like to know is who is forging these?
  4. I posted this pic along with a couple others of the artisan irons, as well as a 8 minute 30 second video of someone hitting all three in the artisan thread.
  5. also gold's will not touch a non gold's putter any more, so he does not (and has not for quite a while now) tuned anything other than his own stuff.
  6. It is fine, I should apologize for the tone, I know TSG gets some hate for pushing certain brands over others/having an agenda, but it is a business after all.... With regards to his information though, that is something I would say he is spot on with though. On all aspects, materials/finishes/where things are made, etc.
  7. That is not what i am saying. I am saying you asked for info, probably the best place to get info on JDM stuff, is tourspecgolf, he posted direct info, which you are disagreeing with, when you yourself are asking about that exact thing?
  8. except you are going to get sniped adding the COTM bundle to the cart, it sold out as fast as the covers do.
  9. Stumbled upon this...it is in Japanese, you can change the quality to "hd" its 8:23 of a guy hitting the various artisan irons (3 different models) https://sports.yahoo.co.jp/video/player/3611101 Next spring, golfers will be presented with a high quality tour custom level and a touching feel."ARTISAN GOLF IRON LS ☆ 720 SERIES" is a tour-proven authentic head shape "LS ☆ 720MB (muscle back)" "LS ☆ 720HM (half muscle)" "LS ☆ 720CB (cavity back)" 3 Lineup of types.The shape is faithfully reproduced by scanning the hand-ground master head by Mike Tailor and appl
  10. which is roughly $100 more than last year, which was $1444.44
  11. This info was taken elsewhere, but for those wondering about COTM; "CotM details will come out to public on Jan 1. Price is up $100 on last year, and if you are in a taxed state add another $100 this year too.This year you cannot select driver or fairway. On those four releases you get either a driver, fairway, or hybrid cover now.I reached out to them and asked if they could give any hints to the number being added but haven't got a response yet. I bet they add more mallet options since there weren't many last year. Not sure about blades"
  12. So you ask a question, get an answer you do not like, and all of a sudden the info is just wrong? like give me a break, TSG knows what he is talking about plain and simple, do not believe him, I could care less, but he is 100% right, if you supposedly already knew the answer, why ask in the first place? MCW is Japan only through Miura Giken. Miura (global) or the international version is using older molds, in some cases, very old. It is that easy.
  13. This is taken direct from a TSG blog; The “new” MB-101 is the 2007 MB-5003 from Japan. The baby blade and 1957 blade, as they are known in the USA, are designs so old they have not been used for almost two decades in Japan.
  14. I am not super familiar with the miura global release stuff (the north american releases, etc.) and tend to focus more on the miura giken japan release only products, but.... i am sure the soles are wider on the mb 101, and the head shape is definitely more round so to speak.
  15. The TB-Zero and the MB-101 are definitely NOT the same!
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