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  1. just a person connection. again a proxy is really simple and rather inexpensive, that is what the are there to do. i would not hesitate to use one if I did not have my own way of getting these. if you go one2one they will send your order to a proxy to be shipped to you. it is way simpler to go through a proxy yourself. take the options straight off the miuragiken mcw option page. one2one might not be current (i had to get him to add a couple of the top line options he did not have listed to his custom order page)
  2. find a shop in japan, oh and proxies are not expensive or time consuming, a couple of the big ones charge a flat fee of like 500yen per item that is like less than $5USD. and they communicate in many languages, email one tell them what you want but I do not use a proxy....
  3. I am not upset, but you keep bringing up not being able to order MCW for months now. that is not what my last post was even remotely about. what I stated the other day, is there are no orders at all from miuragiken as of July 1, that are shut down, not for overseas orders, not for MCW orders. no orders period. oh and i understand this is the MCW thread, who do you think started it and posted all the pics and info?
  4. um yeah we are, I am in canada and can place a MCW order anytime I want... moot point? the no MCW to overseas has been in effect since the beginning of 2021. this new announcement just came out within the past week, not a single shop in japan can place an order from miuragiken as of July 1, this is for regular stock items and MCW. you keep telling me info everyone knows about one specific shop (one2one)
  5. Um, what are you talking about exactly? read my post again seeing as how you do not seem to understand, this has nothing to do with MCW sales overseas. multiple ameblo blogs and miuragiken.com both have the article listed. miuragiekn is shutting down period. not once did I mnetion shops in Japan not shipping overseas. July 1 - Sept. 30. they are full closed due to too many orders.
  6. So here is an update for everyone on the fence about ordering MCW from Japan. Due to the influx of orders and the high demand, in conjunction with Yuka Saso winning the us womens open using TC-101. Miura Giken is suspending all orders, both stock and MCW as of July 1 all the way till Sept. 30 If you place an order before July 1 they will make your clubs during that time period and you will have them in September. They are doing this to not compromise on quality I think custom orders open again Sept. 13...
  7. That I can not tell you to be honest, I am thinking these are Japan domestic market only to be honest...I think like only 350 made of each loft? They were all over the blogs when they came out... I will say it is one sweet looking head if you ask me....
  8. Yes, the Epon 450 is a limited edition. Its their 70th anniversary limited model so to speak. I think only two lofts, 9.5 or 10.5 but the heads have a sticker with actual loft and face angle; say 9.5 open, etc.
  9. Is this shaft available for purchase anywhere? through any of the shaft channels, will peoples, etc.?
  10. He was apparently testing a GD Tour AD BB this week, so perhaps that is the blue you were seeing...
  11. here is the direct link to the irons on the onoff site; https://clubonoff.globeride.co.jp/shop/products/detail.php?product_id=7068
  12. I would go one step further and say the set of TIgers irons to have even above the miura red T's, are the 1/50 released by Titleist just as he switched over to nike blades. 1/50 Cherry wood box with every tournament win listed.
  13. Not super keen on the plain white shirt from today's pga (thursday may 20, 2021) but the grey pants and belt were stellar.
  14. They have a pretty serious semi-goose neck... as the Japanese like to referer to it as, so not the prettiest to look at, at address. I can post a pic if you like? Just for reference, the kuro's (blacks) at are 4.1mm fp, these PF-a you are wondering about are at I think 2.3mm (on the 7 iron).
  15. Tigeresque? really...what did J.Day win that came even remotely close to some of the winning streaks that Tiger has had in his career? that might be one of the biggest over reaches ever....
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