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  1. Srixon z745, raw set bought of here last year and never used them. Very clean set paired with modus tour 105s tour velvet standard grips like new. 5 iron measures 37.25". These will patena very nicely. 650.00 shipped. Price drop! Graphite design 6s, with Titleist tip measures right at 43.75“ with tour velvet standard grip. 150.00 shipped. Price drop! Graphite design 7s, with Titleist tip measures right at 42“ with tour velvet mid-size grip. $old Titleist tmb 3 iron, DG s400 shaft. Grooves are excellent the grip (Japan no1) may need to be replaced. 90.00 ship
  2. Sweet sticks, did you not want to game them or just not your cup of tea?
  3. Appreciate the feedback but if I’m not lucky enough to get into the lottery i would find some where to purchase tickets, ie vivid seats or stubhub etc. was seeing if anyone had any insight there. Also this is for 2021 not this year.
  4. Looking at going in 2021 what suggestions do you have to purchase tickets? thanks!
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