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  1. What is your current handicap? 10 Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Holyoke, MA What iron grips are you playing now? Crossline cord Have you ever played Lamkin grips? yes If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? We require you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the grips? Absolutely
  2. In a post below, please provide the following info: Location (City, State) South Hadley, MA Handicap 11 Have you tested equipment for GolfWRX before? If yes, please describe. No What ball do you currently play? Whatever I have Which color would you prefer to test: White, High-Optic Yellow or Both (2 sleeves white, 2 yellow) Both Since it's still winter, are you in an area where you can do on-course reviews? Yes Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Titleist Tour Soft golf balls and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Absolutely Briefly descr
  3. In a post below answer the following: What city/state are you located? South Hadley, MA Current Handicap 11 Have you participated in testing for GolfWRX before? No What's your current 'gamer' ball? Whatever I grab from my bag Are you a "high spin" or "low spin" player? Low Would you prefer to test a specific model (indicate black or red) or a test pack of both? 1 of each Do you agree to participate in an ongoing discussion and post your review/feedback of Snell MTB Balls? Absolutely
  4. What a cynical place this is.....
  5. So are there any groups on course besides the Stenson group?
  6. Colin Sheehan Light- Medium- Strong LT, the good- looking 1 Thanks for the giveaway, I'm super un(in)?flexible
  7. Ease of use and instant feedback. I've been interested in this for a while. Thanks for the opportunity
  8. 14.3 Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 5-PW with KBS Tour 120 Not fit I started playing with Taylormade Irons, but have been playing Mizuno for my last 3 sets. I'd love an in-depth fitting with world class employees to see where Taylormade's current offerings are. Thanks for the opportunity!
  9. Anyone try to use Arccos with a deactivated Iphone?
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