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  1. Has anyone ever used a ping mantis as their full time bag? It seems like the perfect blend between a sunday bag and stand bag. How difficult is it to operate the legs? Are they durable?
  2. Thats what im wondering as well. I have the TM Original one right now which is 275 cc and it fits my seamus golf fairway headcover. Hoping this does as well.
  3. Has anyone who pre ordered this with the stock shaft gotten theirs? Or even gotten a shipping notification yet? Mine said it will ship on the 15th but no news yet.
  4. Ordered on july 7th and still hasnt shipped. Dicks is showing it in stock 45 mins away from me…. Hmmmm
  5. What shop is that? I was hoping somewhere like Dicks or PGA Tour Superstore will carry it.
  6. Will any retailers be carrying this club for sale? Or is it online only?
  7. That bag looks like a terrible rip off of a mackenzie bag. Anyways I'd say yes they are making a resurgence. I love the latest Ping Moonlite.
  8. That extra mesh pocket on the side works really well as a rangefinder holder. Not sure if that is the intended use or not though.
  9. I have the new 2020 Ping Moonlite and love it. I was wondering if anyone uses it or any other sunday bags full time. I want to travel with it since its small profile keeps it easy to travel with but don’t want it to be swapped out by caddies constantly. I rarely ever see other sunday bags in the wild so was just curious what everyone else does.
  10. I am going to upgrade from the OO to this club most likely. 25 more cc and the v steel sole have me excited. Also really am digging the look of the club and that early 2000s nostalgia.
  11. I wish it had the same crown as the old 300 driver . Classic all black. Dislike the carbon fiber.
  12. Have we heard any confirmation on release date?
  13. Hope this one has a deeper face than the OO if it indeed 25 cc larger
  14. Wow I am ridiculously interested in this. Hope it comes out asap. I have been using the original one and enjoying it so far. Love the idea of mini drivers.
  15. I was wondering just how legal ping eye 2 plus no plus irons are. I believe I have read they are grandfathered in but they are illegal for PGA Tour use. Although you can use them for all USGA amateur events forever. How true is that?
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