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  1. I am going to upgrade from the OO to this club most likely. 25 more cc and the v steel sole have me excited. Also really am digging the look of the club and that early 2000s nostalgia.
  2. I wish it had the same crown as the old 300 driver . Classic all black. Dislike the carbon fiber.
  3. Have we heard any confirmation on release date?
  4. Hope this one has a deeper face than the OO if it indeed 25 cc larger
  5. Wow I am ridiculously interested in this. Hope it comes out asap. I have been using the original one and enjoying it so far. Love the idea of mini drivers.
  6. I was wondering just how legal ping eye 2 plus no plus irons are. I believe I have read they are grandfathered in but they are illegal for PGA Tour use. Although you can use them for all USGA amateur events forever. How true is that?
  7. Is it possible to remove the sticker in the cavity on teh Ping G25 irons? I think it would look much nicer without it
  8. Buy one on ebay. I did 2 years ago for $14.
  9. Anyone hit them? Thinking about getting a set 3-pw but cannot find any word on them anywhere on the internet. They look like standard players CB iron to me but wondering if anyone has any opinions or reviews. Thanks
  10. will these be available as part of the scratch fit program? If so sign me up
  11. Everyone says that the ping eye 2 is a classic club but it is very ugly looking, especially from address. Does anyone have any images that show what the topline actually looks like? A google search failed me.
  12. Yes, every other person will have GI irons. No need to over complicate it in a competitive environment where every s*** will matter
  13. tell him to go to the range and use his 7 iron to hit balls without breaking wrists and making the lub go past parallel to the ground. Once he can pure it 10x in a row tell him to slowly make the swing longer and longer. After enough work he should have a focused swing that is repeatable.
  14. This is a really easy way to get made fun of on the tee box. And before you tell me it doesnt matter if you shoot par, no one using this shoots par.
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