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  1. Reading that recount: sounds like it might have been lost off your bag... rather than stolen.
  2. Unfortunately I have a Sun Mountain C130 that doesn't allow me to take advantage of the top lok... Even so, like you, the only way this one goes if I get one of those fancy electric carts. Most of the folks around here (Northern Virginia near DC) that have them are young techy types.
  3. I bought Ju Ju's years ago and thats all I've used. Until I bought a Scotty a year or so back, then I added a NO Saints mallet cover to the fold. I used my undergraduate and graduate alma maters for the color choices...
  4. I have a quad xl. They sent me some adjustable linkage bars for the rear of the cart to adjust for the pulling right. The really didn't solve the issue, but like you I still like the cart in spite of this.
  5. The brush damaged the towel or replaced it?
  6. Seems like a good concept, but I've not used it... Also interested in hearing comments.
  7. The course that's most notorious here "Pohick Bay" is on a lake. Seems that in the high heat of peak summer, the fly larva hatch with impunity. I'm no biologist, but that's how I've rationalized it. Oh, I'd opt for option B!
  8. I had to laugh at the flies thing... I play in Northern Va and some of the parks have biting flies that can be awful during peak summer... I think the flies are actually attracted to DEET. That said, I still play the course occasionally during this time.
  9. aadadams

    Sim2 Max Irons

    True, the soles are not drastically different (using pics), but the face is a good bit smaller in the non-OS version if the trend holds. I’ve not compared them directly…
  10. aadadams

    Sim2 Max Irons

    Isn’t the Sim2 Max OS the M4 evolution. The SIM2 Max would be more comparable to the M3 from the era of your irons.
  11. I'm still playing my speedblade irons. The 3i and 4i are 17* and 20*, respectively. So, I guess I'm playing a 2i and 3i or maybe a 1i and 2i depending on the generation... When I bought the set, it came with 3h and 4h... Hybrids never worked for me... But, my 3i and 4i are my 230 and 210 clubs.
  12. I use Taylormade Speedblades for about the last 6 years, they still work great for my game, and I don't see a change in the near future.
  13. Thanks for the great find, I ordered a black one...
  14. I’m only 6’1”, but would venture a BagBoy Quad XL might be worth a look, they have 3 wheelers I just haven’t used any of those. Love my Quad though.
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