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  1. I play Speed Blades irons and the 3i is 17*.
  2. My vote would be for the Sun Mountain C130S if you're gonna ride with it for the most part... https://shop.sunmountain.com/2022-c-130s-stand-bag-detail-detail
  3. That was the status when I started using them. It could have changed since then... I haven't checked. Also, the model that I was referring to is https://www.bionicgloves.com/natural_fit . Others could certainly be conforming. Sorry for any confusion...
  4. I've played Bionic for years. I usually play about twice a week, and I sweat a lot too. That said, they last for months for me. I were them and machine wash them every couple weeks. Beware that I read somewhere they aren't tournament legal, so if you're playing in a tourney beware.
  5. Never... C-130 and C-130S May replace them with new 14-ways someday... but never going back to anything lower.
  6. So I read the OP in bed at like 11:30, insomnia I guess... I laughed uncontrollably for about 7 minutes! My wife is now awake and quite upset... (Posting from the guest room...)
  7. I use a bag boy quad xl with mine. No complaints...
  8. I ride a lot with my fully accommodating C-130. As things settle to the bottom of the side pockets is the tru culprit for the width issues. I unzip a bit and move the rain gear etc. up in the pocket. That usually facilitates a good fit for my partners C-130S... I moved from a C-130S to the C-130 about six years ago... I'm always looking at the new wares, but have not found a reason to move on...
  9. I'm still playing speed blades, 3 - LW, My driver is a SLDR and while I have a 3W, I never pull it on the course... I have no trouble with distance either, I have a case of the hooks here and there though, LOL!
  10. I'm group 2. Would have thought the setup would be more popular here...
  11. I use both, but only buy plastic. I keep/use the freebie wood ones that are supplied by some courses for teeing up iron shots.
  12. I'd only been playing a couple years in 2006, picked up a set of lightly used Nike NDS irons 3-SW... I still have them. I don't game them anymore, but they could go a round, if needed.
  13. Reading that recount: sounds like it might have been lost off your bag... rather than stolen.
  14. Unfortunately I have a Sun Mountain C130 that doesn't allow me to take advantage of the top lok... Even so, like you, the only way this one goes if I get one of those fancy electric carts. Most of the folks around here (Northern Virginia near DC) that have them are young techy types.
  15. I bought Ju Ju's years ago and thats all I've used. Until I bought a Scotty a year or so back, then I added a NO Saints mallet cover to the fold. I used my undergraduate and graduate alma maters for the color choices...
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