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  1. aadadams

    Sim2 Max Irons

    True, the soles are not drastically different (using pics), but the face is a good bit smaller in the non-OS version if the trend holds. I’ve not compared them directly…
  2. aadadams

    Sim2 Max Irons

    Isn’t the Sim2 Max OS the M4 evolution. The SIM2 Max would be more comparable to the M3 from the era of your irons.
  3. I'm still playing my speedblade irons. The 3i and 4i are 17* and 20*, respectively. So, I guess I'm playing a 2i and 3i or maybe a 1i and 2i depending on the generation... When I bought the set, it came with 3h and 4h... Hybrids never worked for me... But, my 3i and 4i are my 230 and 210 clubs.
  4. I use Taylormade Speedblades for about the last 6 years, they still work great for my game, and I don't see a change in the near future.
  5. Thanks for the great find, I ordered a black one...
  6. I’m only 6’1”, but would venture a BagBoy Quad XL might be worth a look, they have 3 wheelers I just haven’t used any of those. Love my Quad though.
  7. Im in Northern VA, just outside DC. The semi-privates and privates are open. All public courses are closed.
  8. aadadams

    3 club bag.

    My league does 3 clubs and a putter twice each season, once from intermediate and once from long tees. So we get to do it at least twice a year and get to vary it a bit.
  9. aadadams

    3 club bag.

    4i, 8i (putter), 55*
  10. Check amazon, new and used from this for the ones your interested in... I got my bagboy quad xl in the color I wanted for 135 shipped a couple years ago. Use the new and used from $x.xx link on the product page. Also, used in my case was a damaged box that had no impact on the cart.
  11. Recently had my Fun Golf subscription expire, and shifted over to Tag Heuer Golf (the company bought Fun Golf about a year ago). The app works a treat, but is a little expensive for new subscribers...
  12. Hmm, I didn't look at my boxes closely. Now that I think of it, I had 1 box shipped alone and while the other 5 shipped together from a second order of a half dozen.
  13. FYI: Late yesterday I saw the same 19.98 price until I placed both 6 dz yellow and 6 dz white in the cart, then they both went to 9..98 per dz. I then proceeded to delete the less desirable color and purchase 6 dozen. YMMV. Strangely, my shipment notice said 5 dozen... I suppose I may be subject to a split shipment as mentioned earlier.
  14. Yeah, that's what I figured. Thanks for posting Frisco!
  15. Given it's the 2018 ball... They very well may be close to selling out. I'm going to try to get a few more boxes after the flash sale.
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