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  1. **White Hot Pro # 3** 35", I bought this a while ago just to have 2. This doesn't have a head cover. It has been used, so its not in perfect condition. Perfect gamer $**SOLD** **Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero 5w** Plays at about 42.5", Diamana D+ 80g Stiff with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip, Headcover is included. I went back to a hybrid. $130 obo Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Please no low balls. **I am not looking for trades.** Thank you.
  2. Happened 3 times to me this week. We need to be able to leave feedback for such things.
  3. M1 head sold. A lot of tire kickers, but everything else is still available. Make some offers guys.
  4. Hi guys, not looking for any trades at this time, so please refrain from asking. All prices are shipped, but please add $5 east of the Mississippi. 1. 34” Phantom X 5.5, super stroke pistol gt tour. I’m a blade guy. One small blemish of the top of the toe. Hardly noticeable. $**~~270~~****$sold** 2. 2016 M2 Tour Issue 16.5 hl with AD DI 7s plays right at 43.25”, comes with m2 Head cover. $**sold** 3. 2017 M1 3w 15* head. Idiot mark towards the toe. See pictures. $**sold** 4. Tensei Pro Blue 70tx TM tip( can be removed if you like), played at 44.5 in driver. $**sold**
  5. 34” Stroke Lab shaft. Great feel, but just not for me. The only trade I’m interested in is a Stroke Lab Las Vegas. That is tape on the sole to prevent scratches. It comes off. $SOLD shipped, add $5 east of Mississippi
  6. I’m bummed that the C-130s is pretty much the same. I wish it got the same love as the regular C-130
  7. I was thinking of trying a kbs ct shaft.
  8. What size was the hosel? I have an Austin I want to try a stiffer shaft in.
  9. That would be an awesome replacement. I’ve seen a few tour issue O Works floating around with the WHP insert, not cheap though.
  10. Looks like there are plenty of PXG flippers doing exactly this. It’s a shame in my opinion. > @Graymulligan said: > > @Shipwreck said: > > Now if you are just taking advantage of the program to flip them and make a buck then yeah you’re a POS in my book (not you OP, just painting with a broad brush). > I 100% agree with this sentiment, and would extend it to people who get deals like "friends and family" discounts, or have some hookup through a friend. Use the discount, buy the stuff, and enjoy it. Once you start leveraging those programs to make a buck, you're probably
  11. Anyone have trouble with a tight fit over a driver head?
  12. I’m not sure of the head weight. I would guess about 350, based on other putters I’ve had.
  13. Pictures updated Nate. I don't know why this one did upload with the originals. I don't remember if I bought this from you or another member. I lost a ton of messages. Mattn1106, I'm not sure what the tipping is. These shafts are as I bought them.
  14. ****1. Byron Morgan 615 Plays 33.5" with installed shaft and Pingman grip, I can include original Byron labeled shaft that plays at 34" $400 obo 2. Byron Morgan Patchwork Headcover The white stitching is a little dirty. I had this on my putter for 1 round and has been sitting around in the garage since. I can combine this with the putter for a discounted amount. **SOLD** 3. Scotty Cameron Futura X7M with custom shop cover Plays 33.5", Super Stroke midslim 2.0, gamed and is a great putter. ~~$225 obo~~**SOLD** 4.Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6x Plays @ 44.5 in M5, TM adapter and golf
  15. I think that was a great video. Very informative, and there weren’t any ads to watch. Thank you.
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