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  1. Classic Premiere is still the finest golf shoe I have ever worn. No clue how I managed to wear out so many pairs of them over the years, but if those were 11 1/2 Wide, they would be on their way to Pittsburgh. Good luck with your sale.
  2. Cleaning out the closet -- and getting rid of a really sweet Titleist StaDry bag I just don't use any more. Also a pair of top of the line Adidas shoes. PayPal only. Not looking for any trades right now. If you have any questions, shoot me a message, and I will answer as quickly as possible. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48 is included in all prices with the exception of the bag. It may be shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground depending on cost. Item 1. Titleist StaDry stand bag. 4 way divider. Tons of storage in six big pockets. No rips, tears or snags with the b
  3. Let's get right to it. Short and sweet and to the point. I have stuff I DON'T need. You have things you DO need. You give me money via PayPal. I send you the things you NEED. I ship them to you via USPS Priority Mail the same day. Everybody wins. (Prices include USPS Priority Mail. Please add $5 if west of the Mississippi for shipping.) Questions? Shoot me a message. I will answer right away. I take great pride in full descriptions and honest disclosure so there are no surprises. Short and sweet, remember. Item #1. Titleist TS2 3 wood. 15 degrees. KuroKage TiNi DuoCore Black shaft. Stiff Fle
  4. Me too. Have been here a long time -- and have a ton of wonderful friends, a great church and so many great memories of raising our kids so close to grandparents. Let me know if you know someone looking for a guy who can read really well and has great hair!!
  5. Job loss necessitates the sale of additional golf stuff to raise some money. Wish I didn't have to do it, but I also wish my job wasn't "eliminated." All items are first come, first served. Won't/can't hold anything for any reason. All items include shipping via USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48 US. If you have questions, please ask, I am happy to help answer them as quickly as possible. I take great pride in providing exceptional photos of the equipment and accurate descriptions of condition. Please understand that lowballs will be politely ignored. Item 1 -- Footjoy Icon. Solid black. 11 1/
  6. It is all yours. I sent you a message with the Paypal information. Will ship it out this afternoon. Rick
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