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  1. Sorry I didn't respond. To answer your question, the accuracy is right on. The only issue is distance. Since last posting I hit the Hogan CFT irons with the Apex 3 graphite shaft instead of my Apex 3 steel shaft. The difference was night and day. Picked up the lost distance immediately. This confuses me since I hit the MB716's with a zproject X 5.5 with no issues. Funny game.
  2. If the lofts check out I think I'll take your advice and start shopping shafts. Thanks
  3. Maybe getting the lofts checked is where I need to start.
  4. Thanks for the response. The shafts may play a part in this. They are the same flex, but maybe the Apex shafts are not rated quite the same. Otherwise, same lofts, ball, etc. The Apex Edge Forged are the best feeling irons I have ever played and I really want to like them. If I could figure this out they will stay in the bag.
  5. I have a set of Hogan Edge CFT irons and find them to be 1 club shorter than my Titleist MB716 irons. I also have a set of Hogan Apex Edge Forged irons which are 2 clubs shorter. Anyone else find a loss of distance with Hogans?
  6. Thanks for the comments and information. I absolutely love the feel of these heads. I suppose a modern day shaft wouldn't help regain a little distance lost due to the old school lofts.
  7. I appreciate the information. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  8. I tried this in the regular section but got no help. Hoping the classic iron lovers will have some knowledge to pass to me. I have a set of Wilson FG51 irons with Firestick shafts. I love playing these clubs but want to know if anyone change to modern shafts with these irons and if it made any difference. Thanks
  9. Guess no one has done this. I suppose I'll just continue with the Firestick shafts.
  10. I have had a set of Wilson FG51 irons in the garage for several years and they are in pristine condition. I finally decided to take them to the course and these irons are incredible. They have the old Firestick shafts and I was wondering if anyone had switched them out for modern shafts and if it made a big enough difference to make it worth the change. Thanks for any information.
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the quick response. On a side note - how do you like the P790's? Sorry, just realized it was a utility.
  12. Sorry, I know this is basic but I can't find a firm answer anywhere. Anyone know if Project X Flighted shafts will fit the hosel on 2014 or 2015 Callaway Apex Pro irons? Help will be appreciated.
  13. You obviously have NO CLUE what the internet is used for do you? Go knit a sweater.... or something. You obviously have NO CLUE what the internet is used for do you? Go knit a sweater.... or something. The arrogance of this response is laughable. If you know so much, why don't we see you on the tour? You're not impressing anyone.
  14. I guess your mad because the OP is a scratch golfer, and would kick your butt in match play! You bring nothing to this thread but your stupid comments. Absolutely uncalled for. You bring nothing but your arrogance. Done with this site.
  15. Does anyone know if the R11 torque wrench has the same torque as the new M2 wrench?
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