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  1. I’m a big fan of the George Gankas program. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
  2. You can’t tell much of anything re: your true ball flight with a foam ball that only flies a few feet. It’s likely that the same issues apply to both your foam and your range ball swings, but you just don’t get the full feedback with the foam ball into a net. I’d quit the foam and focus on the real thing, so as to not develop a false sense of security.
  3. Check out the Drive400 program. Very cost effective and many WRXers (including me) have seen results from it. As for swing changes, you will need to get a full turn with extension, width and hand depth on the way back, then separate lower body from upper body and dig into the ground in transition, then shallow the club, rotate the body and extend through impact. Oh, and strengthen the grip / “shut” the club face to allow for maximum rotation. Nothing to it lol.
  4. Only you know why you are a 20 handicap (where you are losing strokes). I’m sure you can improve course management and short game given you’ve only had 2 years playing, but your bigger gains will come from more work on your swing. As others have said, your move isn’t too bad. But it still needs work, and better ballstriking will lead to lower scores. Along with improvements in putting, short game, etc. It takes time to reduce your handicap significantly, and sometimes you’ll get better and it won’t show up for a while in your scores. But it will come down if you put in the work...
  5. Always seems to happen to me when I’m playing a “big” match or when my expectations get a bit too high. I’ve been playing the best golf of my life. For the first time in a couple of years I don’t have any trouble shooting my handicap or better. I’m carrying some extra strokes from a rough summer last year, and haven’t posted enough rounds this year for it to fully adjust to where I am now. Anyway, I was convinced I was going to do very well in our club match play tournament this year because of the above. Well, you guessed it, play my first match last week and it just wasn’
  6. I will add this. I got the Swing Caddie SC300. It is a nice unit that works well and seems to track club speed and carry distances well. It has an app that logs this data for you when you upload it to your device. But two things to consider: 1. I kinda wish I had gotten the SC200. It will also track clubhead speed without hitting a ball (but the sc300 doesn’t do this; I didn’t know that when I bought it). The 300 has overall more features but is missing primarily one of the ones I wanted, because I wanted to do the Speedsticks thing to see how my CHS was progressing. 2. The swi
  7. Struggling with the same question. I actually bought one from a user here recently at a good price. Used it...it works well. Confirmed my yardages on my clubs. Then I’m like “Now what?” I already knew my yardages and the unit confirmed them. The main thing I think I might get out of it is how to dial yardages up and down when needed...instant feedback on swing changes to accomplish that. And, I can get some feedback on swing speed with different swing patterns, etc. Im sure there’s more but that is what I have for now.
  8. Lol. Had to come back to this thread today. I’ve been flushing the ball so well over the past few months, playing the best golf of my life. Haven’t even “thought about” a shank in forever, other than in threads like this , etc. Well, literally out of nowhere in my first match of our match play tournament today...you guessed it...chip shanks. I also hit a couple of squirrelly iron shots that were “hosel adjacent” for sure. It cost me 3 holes in a match I lost on the 18th hole. Ugh!!! It happened during the middle part of the round. I think I figured it out mostly, becau
  9. Obviously not a huge score, but I won a hole where I went yard left on my tee ball, but it stopped just short of OB, punched back into fairway, chunked my wedge shot, and then chipped to about 5 feet. Now, I’m looking at a straight downhill 5 footer for bogey that I’m scared to death of. My competitor hit his drive in the fairway and hit a wood that went over the back edge of the green, but left him in a terrible spot. He gagged it from there and had a short putt for double. He asked me what I was putting for. I said 5. He said “pick it up”. I think he was just so frustrate
  10. It isn’t an “absolute truth” that going through a swing change will necessarily mean you stinking for months. I’ll give you an example. 6 months ago I would have told you my short game was generally pretty good...some highs and lows but generally I was “content” with my short game. BUT, about 3-4 months ago my full swing work paid off and all of a sudden I started hitting a lot more fairways and greens. Guess what happened...I started to realize that my short game was now holding me back. So I did a lesson. I had one thing to fix, which was to get my takeaway more on plane (I was taking it awa
  11. Back to the OP, in some ways this is a simple question/answer, and in some ways not. As others have said, do you want to get better (and are you willing to do the work that getting better takes)? That’s relatively easy to answer for yourself I would think. But the next level of the question, if the above answer is “Yes”, is whether this is the guy you “trust” to take you there? My experience is that a lot of golf instructors just aren’t that good, so unfortunately a well-intentioned golfer sees an instructor hoping to get better, but the instructor doesn’t properly guide
  12. I have the light blue SL2 and though I love the bag, I have the same problem keeping it clean. And I’ll wipe it down with soapy water and it doesn’t completely remove the stains. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but it seems like it should clean off a little easier than that.
  13. You mentioned that you haven’t played much yet, is that correct? You’ve mostly only hit at the range and in your net? If so, you need to practice on the course too. I assume you are playing public courses so I know this isn’t easy, but if you have access to say 3 holes, play 3 balls for 3 holes and practice hitting out on the course. Play each ball, and play the different shots, and hit them again if you want to try to figure out what works. As has been mentioned, it is VERY different when you transition from range to course. If you can’t find a few holes to practice on economical
  14. Although I get why people associate shanking with some combination of “mental” and fear issues, yips, and problems with hand-eye coordination, I just don’t believe those things have much to do with shanks. I suffered a terrible bout of shanks a few years back. It started with distance wedge shots. I wasn’t even sure what these weird 45 degrees left shots (lefty) were. I eventually realized “oh Lord, I have the shanks”. It got to a point where I wouldn’t play my normal half lob wedge at 40 yards, because I knew a shank was possible. They only came every so often, but it was enough to
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