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  1. Thanks all. I don’t know about you, but I put in so much time, money and mental energy into getting better at this game. I spend time away from my family (granted, it is personal “mental health” time I need for myself, but it is still “selfish” time). I’ll probably look back when my kids leave home and wish I had played less golf, not more. But we all also need “our” time and need something besides work and family commitments to put our energy into, and for me that has been golf over about the last 10 years or so. And for that investment, I’d like to get something in return. And I’l
  2. Other than eliminating some of the throwaway strokes like mentioned above, the only way to ensure you get better and break 85 is to work on your ballstriking. You aren’t going to short-game your way to it. That isn’t to say that you don’t need work there too (more on putting in a second), but just to say that your priority needs to be getting that face to stay square and improving your path (getting rid of the OTT move). It shouldn’t be too hard, as your swing isn’t half bad. But you have to get rid of the chunks and thins and foul balls as much as possible…all throwaway strokes. As
  3. Just opened this thread today. Didn’t read all of it but skimmed enough to get a sense for what is going on. Props to the OP for documenting your journey…this could be helpful to some. You didn’t necessarily ask for it, but I’ll weigh in with my $0.02. I am not too far removed from my journey breaking 100/90/80. I started as a legit 35+ handicap, and as recently as about 10 years ago I was a 20. I’m now a 9. I remember breaking 90 and 85 quite well. And I’ve studied about every angle one can study to try to get better at this game. So here are my thoughts, FWIW. 1. First an
  4. I know we’ve had some posts on how much we put in to golf without getting much back. I think I’ve even started a thread or two on that myself in the past. And believe me, I often question why I invest so much time and money on this crazy game. Well, today, I shot the round of my life. Golf paid me back. I’m a 10 handicap. I’ve broken 80 a few times in my life (4 I think). The first time I shot 79 it could have been 75 easily. The other 79s “should have been” 79s. Anyway, I shot 77 today, and it very easily could have been 73. I felt confident with basically any club in my h
  5. Impossible to tell from only a face-on view, but I can virtually guarantee you that you are too steep vs too shallow. This may be a definitional thing of what does shallow vs steep mean. But basically if your shaft was perpendicular to your back line on the way down you’d be shallower. I’m guessing you are thinking more “angle of attack” than “vertical swing plane”. It could be that your AoA is “shallow” but I don’t see that necessarily either. You have a nice swing though. And to answer your question, I see no reason why those clubs would present you any problems. If you were worri
  6. I used to think similarly to you…I was too old, I didn’t have the flexibility, rotating my hips messes up my swing, etc. But you can’t accomplish it thinking “rotate my hips”. It is accomplished through a weight shift and pivot at the start of the downswing. Shift your weight from back foot to front heel while also digging the lead side of your pelvis (and keeping your hands up/back). That gives you a huge headstart. Then your focus needs to be on letting the trail shoulder/hip beat your hands to the ball. And voila, you will have way more hip rotation than you thought possible.
  7. Yes on a marginal basis, comparing the cost of playing a similar quality public course (if one exists), above about 50 rounds per year many private clubs end up being less expensive. I’ve done this math several times and it almost always breaks even at about 4 rounds per month. That doesn’t sound insurmountable, so many golfers take the plunge, join the club, start playing more and get a lot of enjoyment and ostensibly even value out of it. But what I’ve come to learn is that the absolute cost of joining a club is more expensive than playing public golf. Basically, you probably aren’
  8. Unless you play a lot it is hard to justify financially. But “saving” on golf is not why you join a club. You join for camaraderie, nicer golf course (usually), avoiding the big crowds and 5 hour rounds (usually), other perks like bar and grill, lockers, pool, tennis, etc (if part of your club), not having to fight for tee times, unlimited range balls, playing just a few holes if you so choose, etc. I’ve done this “math” several times over the years, and the money isn’t why you do it. You do it because you don’t have anything better to spend your money on, and/or you are willing t
  9. Lol, I recently broke two of the shafts on my 2013 x forged 7i and 8i. Long story but ups lost my 7i head. I only found one available in the entire world and paid a pretty penny for it. Between that and the repairs, I’ve surpassed the $300 you are asking for your set. Ugh! I considered buying a new set (maybe 2021 x forged cb or Apex Pro), but I love my 13 x forged so much that I couldn’t bear to not replace / restore / fix them. These are such a great set of irons in my opinion! And I’m so tempted on the Jaws wedges!!!
  10. I think they limit you to 5 “posts” per week across their various community boards (one focused on setup, one on equipment, one on swing)…something like that. So it isn’t “unlimited”. But it is often enough. And what you get back isn’t a full “lesson” analysis, but more like a 5-10 minute video on things to work on and some suggested drills. But you get assigned to one of their coaches (Jake is mine) and they learn your swing tendencies pretty quickly. I had originally delayed signing up because I wondered what the value would be after I went through all of the content. Bu
  11. I have long sleeve polos (Peter Millar, Nike, etc) but feel like they would be too hot. I’m a Sparms convert now. And as mentioned before, I like the shoulder wrap. Great product!
  12. This was your first problem: ”Had a great attitude going into the round, and was feeling really confident as I was riding a wave of pretty good consistent golf.” Anytime I start to feel even the least bit confident about my golf game, a blowup is sure to follow. And I say this in all seriousness…I don’t know what it is, but I’ve found confidence is an absolute killer to good golf. Doesn’t make sense but that has been my experience. But the other thing I do in response to one of those rounds is realize that something is messed up with my swing. It’s a reminder
  13. Partial vs full doesn’t matter by the stats (and Broadie). The closer you are to the hole, the better. This is where folks will say “but what about a 40 yard short-sided shot vs an 80 yard pitch to a middle pin?” Remember, stats are averages, so there are always exceptions. But by and large, if you can safely get the ball closer to the hole and not leave yourself short-sided with the green sloping away from you, then go for it. Closer to the hole is better than farther from the hole, other things being equal. The data proves this out.
  14. I guess the OP didn’t get enough skewering in the other post, so he thought he’d try again in a new one. Lol. How many tries is it going to take for you to find a place where the majority agree with your issues with Strokes Gained? And by the way, it is obvious that you don’t understand strokes gained and/or that you didn’t actually read the book. Oh well…your loss. Even if you didn’t agree with all of it you could maybe learn something… I do agree with the point about club fitting, but not necessarily because fitting is inherently bad, but because the vast majority of
  15. I play a course in my beach town called Country Club of the Crystal Coast (in Pine Knoll Shores, NC). Both 1 and 10 are par 3s. 1 is about 130-150 yards depending and a tiny green with a lot of movement in it. 10 is more like 155-180 and also tiny. Both are tough holes. Even worse, they don’t really have a driving range. It’s a small little area where you can only hit your shortest wedge off mats. So for your first shot either way to be a 9 iron or 6 iron approach, after you’ve not really found your swing yet, to a small green is tough…
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