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  1. I belong to a club that has “no tee times” as one of it’s selling points, and prior to the pandemic you could get on at virtually any time you pleased and have the course almost to yourself. Now, tee times are required, and they are sending out emails to members in the middle of the week basically saying don’t bother coming out Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday AM if you don’t already have a tee time. I’ve been fortunate to be able to get on whenever I wanted even through the pandemic, but I’ve had to park in areas of the grounds I never knew existed and the course is often quite full. We
  2. Two things for me. When weight gets too much on your toes at setup it can cause shanks. And if face is too open it can cause shanks. I’ve battled them a couple of times and the above were the keys to the fix. I even got the chip shanks for a while which is truly awful. Anytime I hit a shank now, I just get my weight a little more over balls of my feet and it usually solves the problem.
  3. I hit a 6 iron that spun back 5 feet the other day. I also had a wedge spin back 5 feet, and another wedge (same club and trajectory just different green) hit, bounce forward a few feet and stop. I don’t really know why each ball behaved like it did, though the 6 iron did hit on an upslope. To other posts in here...it depends!
  4. Check out the Drive400 program. I can honestly attest that it helped increase my swing speed within a month of doing the program. It combines mobility, strength and overspeed training. It is very inexpensive for what it is...a great investment!
  5. A few Sundays ago I got heat exhaustion for the first time I’m aware of in my life. I was walking 18 with a caddie. Temp was 95 and relative humidity was probably 90% or more. I had walked 18 the week prior when the temp was 99 and high RH with no real problems, and I’m diligent about drinking a lot of water and using a cooling towel, etc. Well, on this day there was zero cloud cover and so it was hot and beating down on me from the first tee shot. By the 7th hole I was struggling but wasn’t really sure exactly what it was. By the 10th I knew I was close to heat exhaustion. I had
  6. Jake is my “guy” on the George Gankas site. He’s great...super helpful, nice dude, very knowledgeable about the golf swing and Gankas’ teachings.
  7. Brian Katrek said on Katrek and Maginnes On Tap a few years ago that amateur male golfers should watch Lydia Ko at 5’2” 125 lbs or whatever go shoot 67 on a 6400 yard course. They would learn a whole lot more than watching DJ play a 7400 yard course. I agree 100%, though I’ve generally struggled to bring that mentality to my game. It’s one thing to say it but another to do it. Yesterday, though, I chose a 3 iron off of a tight tee shot to a long par 4. I’ve always considered that hole a long one after I hit driver, but that is because I often miss my tee shot and make the hole a lot harder th
  8. It should happen somewhat naturally when you separate your lower body from your upper body in transition (lead arm adduction). Trail elbow tucks into ribcage and maintains bend. However, the only way to keep it bent is to also have proper rotation and trail lateral bend.
  9. The fault I had way back when was that I would, in a flash, move my entire lead foot just off the ground and turn it with toes pointed to target. I did replant it at that point, and turned a little bit on it. But I suspected it probably sapped my power because I lost connection with the ground briefly, and during my transition. It probably also sent me over the top more than I was doing otherwise. It had to have been a problem with my weight transfer in transition, and luckily it wasn’t that hard for me to fix.
  10. I just bought some of these from another WRXer on the BST. I’m excited to get started with them, but I watched the protocols last night and it made my back hurt just watching the videos. I’ve also had cervical spinal fusion recently (lost a little speed as a result so trying to get it back), and early indications are a delayed or failed fusion given some mild pain Im experiencing. I might have to wait to get started whether I like it or not. Anyway, my bigger observation is that the overspeed concept is incorporated in the Drive 400 program I started last year that definitely did help me with
  11. I’m not enough of an expert to be credible on this subject, though I suspect it either has the potential to create inconsistent low points and it possibly causes you to lose connection with the ground (and therefore might sap power or at the very least might prevent a good full turn). Anyway, the only reason I’m responding is that I did exactly what you described naturally for years. I had two instructors tell me I had to fix it, but neither could really explain why. I eventually decided I would fix it, so I did. It wasn’t that hard to fix if I remember correctly. It involved some better weigh
  12. I don’t disagree. I’m not a Bryson fan, necessarily either. And given my analytical, scientific background one of my buddies can’t believe that. But I find both his personality and his “science” all a bit of an act. But I can’t deny that both BAD and Wolff are great golfers doing things differently, and are fun to watch playing the game (as long as they aren’t mic’d up ?). And I definitely don’t like most of the SEC school guys...except that Bubba and P Reed are fun to watch and definitely keep things interesting. And I think the UGA guys have disavowed PReed at this point, but whatever...he
  13. I posted after the Champions for Charity event that he was like that “Scrappy Doo” character that got added to the Scooby Doo series. An annoying little puppy that won’t stop yapping but who’s dying to be considered one of the “gang”. I saw the charity event before the 3M and he was the same. I’ll just say that it is annoying to me personally, but to each their own. Seems like an OK kid and I like watching him play golf. Will just plan to hit “mute” anytime he’s asked to speak at length about anything. That’s all.
  14. Cool thread. I was where the OP is/was about 3 years ago (low teens looking to get to single). I did it. Got all the way down to an 8 at one point about a year and a half ago. However, I’m now back up to a 12. I suffered a pinched nerve late last year and all of a sudden I went from low 80s on average to being lucky to break 90. I then had spinal fusion surgery to correct it in January, and at the same time decided when I got back to playing that I would “fix” my swing for good. I’m in the middle of that process now. My swing is slowly getting better, but scores are slow to show it sometimes.
  15. Update: oddly I’ve been feeling better and was able to play golf last weekend. But pain came back and I went to my doc today. He wasn’t alarmed at all but says fusion isn’t progressing like it should so they are ordering a bone stimulator now. Oh boy. I asked specifically about lifestyle changes and golf and they said all should be fine. Gave me some meds to help me through the pain. Interesting I guess, but not quite what I was hoping to hear.
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