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  1. I would try lead tape for a start.
  2. I'm going to take a somewhat different tack, you certainly shouldn't be swinging at irons out of your shoes/off balance but my goal is to still hit them pretty aggressively on a stock shot, as far as percent I would say 90-95%. If I'm slowing my tempo it's typically to decrease spin or lower trajectory.
  3. Should watch Monte's videos on this, it's pretty convincingly the other way around. EE is a reaction.
  4. I need to work on getting more extension (at the waist) on the way back, Monte has some videos on this. I think the collapsing it cause by still getting long and across the line. But I'm striking it with a lot more integrity and consistency. Cast A is going to be the key get my transition more organized.
  5. I'm curious what kind of monitor it was? Only reason is that some extrapolate swing speed. You aren't controlling for the clubhead so it would be hard to say it's just the shaft. I would hit whatever feels more comfortable. Was there a similar difference in ball speed?
  6. Adopting this mindset, I have the feel I need to get where I want to be, it's just going to take time to make the change. Seeing a lot of positive signs in my striking even though it's not looking how I would want it to in a perfect world. Some from my range session below, one thing I noticed (could be the angle) is that I look a little too stacked to the left? I’m wondering if I need more upper body turn earlier.
  7. If your goal is to keep improving and you feel like you've hit a roadblock maybe. It sounds like you have good instincts, another set of eyes always helps me, my view of how I want my swing to look and how to actually get there tend to be much different.
  8. Did not expect Mickelson to be on this list, feels like he's been searching. Justin Thomas imploding at 13 Saturday was unexpected, but I would predict him to top this list. He seems able to make adjustments needed to play in all sorts of conditions. Rahm should be up there as well.
  9. Was able to hit this at PGA Superstore finally, I'd really like to get it outside and with a shorter shaft because I was bit all over the place. It didn't feel super punishing but it was hard to get the launch consistent. When I caught one it was really good though. Still probably leaning TSi3, I think I prefer the look.
  10. You look a little far from it/out over your toes. I agree with TheDeanAbides though, work on nailing the P3.
  11. What's legit? I've never seen a 3 or 4 cap that could play a 7700 yard golf course well. Relative to the entirety of golfers 3 or 4 cap is good but relative to people around even scratch they aren't that good.
  12. How many 4 caps could hit it past Patty?
  13. This forum definitely skews faster than the normal golfing population. If this works out I want to look at a TSi3 or 4 with the Black 6X. I'll be sure to post some thoughts vs. the Tensei White 100-X (not TX version).
  14. I should have my Black 10TX Wednesday, anxious to get it in my 818 and see if it tightens things up.
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