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  1. Titleist has been whittling away at mine but I don't think I'll ever ditch Mizuno irons.
  2. Peeing contest? I just posted what AS said. Clearly they aren’t going to look like a retail head given how they were made. Who knows if anything is tweaked and why they didn’t just make another set given the recent re-release, seems like the buzz they are getting might be enough lol. It would definitely be cool to get a set like these even if I prefer Mizuno feel, I’d guess that PXG milled would give an idea of cost (very expensive), in which case I’d rather get some comepletely custom NCW. It does make me wonder about future MBs from them, especially given the pause in releases.
  3. The swing that works, I think it's beneficial to understand why it works though.
  4. I mean, he basically did: Scott indicated Titleist engineers took a different tack: They made CAD (computer-aided design) copies of his beloved 680s and CNC-machined what he called, “basically the same clubs.” “Thanks to technology,” he said, “they’re as exact a replica as you can get, but with the way they’ve been made, I could argue it’s a more solid head with a more solid strike.
  5. They are a lot better than they used to be. I still went with a T-20 PW.
  6. The video with Keith Mitchell the lower flight seemed to be the focus. I’d actually prefer that but I’ve been loving my MP-20s. From the photos I like the look of the 223 over the MMC personally.
  7. Really well conditioned bermuda it's not a huge deal, mainly uphill and downhill for speed control, you can get putts that scream downhill. If it gets a little furry though it can grab it like crazy.
  8. Head only preferred, prefer new to very lightly used.
  9. Ancer has played them for a while.
  10. X100s spin on me as well, project X helped but I'm just a high spin player. Could look at a lower spinning ball, the ProV1x left dash behaves well into the wind.
  11. This just sounds like a 4 wood or something, maybe try all the different heads until you find one that agrees with you. I would hit it with my 3 wood but it comes out a bit hot at times if the lie isn't really good and I'm terrible hitting a fade. I've been thinking of copying Zalatoris' setup to take some heat off my 3 wood and potentially get a little more control off the tee.
  12. I remember seeing a set of R9 TP B stamps that had as little offset in a CB as I've ever seen. Tour players get all the goodies.
  13. I feel like I get slightly less spin and hit it further off a tee, with a slightly higher launch, depending on the turf conditions. If it's very tight I will tee it, if the grass is longer I don't feel comfortable with a tee.
  14. Bottom of the ball at the top of the crown is too high as others have said. I tee it more down when I need to control it, a bit higher if I really want to launch it. They are slightly different feels through the ball, lower I feel like I'm covering it more.
  15. I think varying the length is easier to be consistent with, but I generally use my eyes and look at the target while I get a feel for stroke length, I'm not looking at how far back the putter is going. There is some wrist movement but that's not how I'm predominantly varying speed. That being said, I couldn't tell you how far it's going back for a given length putt, too many variables. Your brain is pretty good at it if you allow it and basic mechanics allow for a consistent strike.
  16. It depends what you are looking for. If you hit it will with that shaft you could always go with the same shaft. You could match your irons, would likely flatten the flight some with similar launch. Graphite is growing in popularity, there is an MMT utility shaft I've been curious to try myself, just have to be aware of the tip size, I'm not sure if the Fli Hi is a taper tip like most Mizuno irons, even if it is you can have a graphite shaft sanded to fit, just need someone with experience doing that.
  17. The club selection from 150 is probably good advice for the average player, but better players aren’t playing for a 1 club mishit, and certainly not with wedges or with chips. They happen but how can you consistently control distance that way? It won’t happen. Even low scoring players don’t know where the ball is going consistently enough to play for angles. Better to try to get as close as possible and if you’re out of position then just don’t make bogey.
  18. That’s fine but the topic asks about tour players. Why is there no margin for error? Why would every player get it consistently closer to the hole with a 52? I would contend there are certain pins where the 52 might be the play but there are other pins where you could almost never get it closer with 52. I agree you should let the shot dictate club selection but I don’t see why these blanket statements are necessarily true. Feels similar to the one club vs many around the green argument.
  19. It’s not hard to hit a high lofted wedge down, proper technique and strike and it should come out fairly low and spinning unless you are hitting it close to full. There are situations where you want it to release more sure (back pin with trouble long for example), but I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of shots under 80 yards on tour are played with the highest lofted wedge.
  20. You threw in the qualifier which eliminates this, but I played in a 9 man wolf game before. Other than that I've kept that pace with 5 before.
  21. This is definitely not true. I would say most probably would rather not have a full LW shot, when they get close to the full yardage that is when they are more likely to flight it with a higher lofted wedge, because hitting a LW with full speed is going to naturally lead to a higher shot with a ton of spin, which is hard to control. If you club up at partial lob wedge yardages you aren't going to get as much/enough spin. It's pretty easy to keep a 60 out of the air when you aren't hitting it full, and you don't sacrifice as much spin. Even saying that, it's all conditions. Some were hitting full lob wedges from ~110-120 on that short par 3 at Whistling Straits in the Ryder Cup because it was straight downwind and they needed to stop it.
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