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  1. Y grind 51* C grind 55* K grind 60* These with s400 tour issue shafts would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity to win my dream wedge setup as mine need to be replaced.
  2. [quote name='DTXgolfer12' timestamp='1433551498' post='11698158'] No brainer. The fourteen's all the way. I own a set of TB 1000's (an older model) and they are flat out fantastic. I didn't even need another set of irons but HAD to buy them. Check out my post on them..... [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1144175-first-encounter-with-fourteen-irons/page__st__30__p__11082117__hl__+first%20+encounter%20+with%20+fourteen#entry11082117"]http://www.golfwrx.c...n#entry11082117[/url] [/quote] I wish it was that easy to go with Fourteen but Srixon has done an amazing job with these irons
  3. [quote name='Barracuda' timestamp='1433549810' post='11698000'] I hit both sets, imo you should also consider 888. The fh1000 are forgiving enough for blades, but still more demanding than the other sets. I loved both the srixons and 888, end up with the fourteens and love everything about them. [/quote] I have looked into the TC-888 irons and was also contemplating those but am unsure how they will perform (mix between muscle back and smaller cavity back iron)? Is this the set you went with? if so what are some pros/cons compared to the Srixon z745 irons? what did you not like about the
  4. [quote name='TMelectric' timestamp='1433548585' post='11697882'] The Srixons excelled for me in two areas. Length. They were longer. And not to beat a dead horse, the turf interaction. I know this is talked about alot and rightfully so. I also find the J15 cb's to be on the same level by the way. It really does glide through the turf. I guess after thinking about it, the 745's were really great on miss hits. I hit more shots than I care to admit thin. Definitely my fault. And the ball still went straight and long. The same can be said for toe shots. Personally, I would pick the Srixons. A
  5. [quote name='Kingcat990' timestamp='1433539964' post='11697324'] I think they're evenly forgiving. FH1000's are a great club. I own Srixons, but it really comes down to preference. I'd prefer to have both. FH1000's fit into an odd dynamic. They're big for a "blade" so purists seem to be washy on them. You can't go wrong with either. But you need to hit both. I'll say this, you can buy the 745's unseen and they'll perform. I think you need to hit the FH1000's before considering [/quote] I have also heard that the the Fh1000's are super forgiving which seems weird as forgiving and blades are
  6. [quote name='TMelectric' timestamp='1433535942' post='11696992'] Both are great irons but are different. Since you are playing 714 mb's, my question to you is why? I am sure you tested them against the 714 cb's or Ap2's before you decided on the MB's. I had the 714 mb's and Srixon 745's. They really are not close to each other. And what I have read on the Fourteen's, I don't think they would be close as well. So, let's have a little more information about your game. Are you a digger? High ball hitter? Swing speed? Where do you feel you need help? What type of car do you drive? That's right,
  7. Hi guys I am a new member and need some advice on a new set of irons. I have played the Titleist 714 MB for the last couple of years and think it's time for something new. I have read many posts on this site about the Srixon z745 irons and how they are amazing. I was about to buy a set of the z745's until I stumbled upon Fourteen Golf's FH1000 MB irons and now I am unsure which ones to go with. If you have any experience with either or both of these irons I would like to know what your thoughts are as I am not sure which would be best for me. Also, I have heard good things about Fourteen G
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