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  1. Under a normal year there would be far more tickets available/issued.....this years masters would have a limited amount and of those how many would be re-sold....Much higher cost, higher demand
  2. why would there be a ticket on stubhub. 1 they're not available and physically may not be until late February or march- like in previous years. and 2 they or a letter stating they would be issued would be incredibly valuable No?
  3. Same, still shows 2021, so I don;t know. Is yours different, zero'd out? My thought is a mail delay, because I'm up north. I'll give it to the end of the week, then call. But still no email.
  4. From what I have read, you will be refunded- expect the refund to show in a couple of months. You will likely then begiven a code of sorts to "repurchase" your same qty and day ticket online between June 1st and 31st only. And yes its my understanding that your purchase is guaranteed for 2022 April Masters......so yeah you are good. Me on the other hand might be lucky to attend, I have received no additional correspondence so maybe my "new" 2 Tuesday practice round tickets for 2021 are being mailed to me. Hope so.
  5. 31 on the front followed by a 46 on the back, still broke 80 but short 3 balls in the drink, a duffed chip shot and a couple of missed putts 5 handicap on a 6300 yard course that plays 1.5 strokes higher
  6. Golf courses did well, equipement manufactuers did OK, remmebr they had already committed to inventory arrival at the time of out break, so there so called back up orders to the manufactuering plants were likely canceled- hense the eventual shortage of certain products. Many, all in my state the proshops were closed, oh sure you could get something handed to you thru the window but it did impact sales greatly of golf goods including clubs. I don't know of one golf company that going to get you rich from investing. High tech stocks are where its at.
  7. Sergio after his masters win, had a crazy set up. 130X modus shafts with 30 gram counter weights in the grip area. also his driver, 3 wood and 5 wood "all' weighed in at 100 grams x-flex. 43.5 driver shaft meanwhile he was keeping up with Justin Rose, who is 6 3" tall off the tee.
  8. My guess is a Limited number will friends, family, sponsor principals, players guests and very special guests. I have practice round tickets, I'm expecting the see you in 2022 email
  9. This.....and I have done it. Not proud of it. Everytime I have done it, its relaxing and time well spent. slow players always think it some other guy.
  10. We have about 2-3 dozen guys some with very limited technology knowledge. Our group want to use a web based site/app or portal to post "in or "out" tee time acknowledgements on Monday, Tuesday, wednesday and thursday. The ability to see which one of us is playing (committing) on these days would be a must. A private group with password or permissions by the members ( not public) The abilty to edit by everyone would also be a must. The abiltity to add pictures, post links, commentary, announcements would also be desirable Ideally the app or website would
  11. If the modern approach to golf is what Bryson Dechambeau is or demonstrates. I don't care for it, I do not think haveing clubs all the same length with $300 shafts in each iron and 12-14 degrees up right is a good look for amatuer golf. I praise him for winning, I congratulate him for winning, but the long term effect for golf will be detrimental to the game. Just my opinion
  12. wait till they find out and announce what really is in those shakes, LOL
  13. I have practice round tickets (tuesday) I just booked a room, just a couple of miles away ( augusta-west) for 90 bucks per night including tax for Monday and Tuesday night. This is for the November 9-15 masters week. My reservation is 100% refundable. I'm feeling good about this. My previous reservation was about 1.5 hours away and 150 bucks.
  14. I'm hearing from some the possibility if a NOV masters , week of Nov 9th thru the 15th. That being said I have practice rounds and just booked my Hotel reservation before and after the round. The hotel is in Augusta nearby. I have been paying close attention to hotel rates, some of the hotels have really jumped up for this time in Nov. MY hotel is 3.5 stars and under 100 a night including lodging tax etc. There is no cancellation fee, my room is held with a CC and totally refundable. Looking for hotels nearby for the April 2020 masters it was difficult to find any thing decent- not some dum
  15. This above, no dates
  16. I spoke to my friend in florida, he said several of the big $$$ private clubs are closed till further notice.
  17. some of you guys are pretty funny, flipping tournaments date to date, season to season
  18. I hope my tickets remain valid for next year. Note: if the cancel it. I finally got a pair of practice round tickets With that said could you imagine the $$$ loss of "masters 2020" apparel, hats and souvenirs the AGNC would have to absorb? Next, Our airline Jetblue, our rental car company and our hotel have waived all cancellation fees, deadlines and offered refunds.....so we are still on if they have patrons attend, otherwise we can still back out. As far as the scalpers are concerned, Yup they'll make out for the sold tickets, but buyers will also have a the 2020 ticket
  19. I have masters practice round tickets, I'm a critical as the next guy of what I read and understand, especially the news. But when you health professionals make statements regarding this scurge. well some of you may thing its an over reactions. This is not an over reaction , Those that think its like the flu. The flu is is bacterial this is a virus, this is unseen and undetectable. I don't believe the government or pros sports, collegiate sports or K-12 sports and classes are over reacting. Rock Concerts all the way to WWE and anywhere there is a gathering of people say greater than 200.
  20. I doubt the ban effects private planes, like net jets.
  21. seems to me there were some holes that were lengthened, BUT there were some holes that had full grown ( size) trees planted on some of the dog legs for example, so the corner was tougher to hit over.
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