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  1. Wow!.....You sir obviously know a lot more than everyone in the golf industry, economics, supply and demand, marketing, importing and component manufacturing by 3rd parties. Have a nice day!
  2. Don't be annoyed, no one is jumping ahead of you. Each & every manufacturer is doing their absolute best to build & deliver clubs with the same quality control. Several manufactures have opted for a very expensive air freighting to help with demand and shorten lead times cutting into profits deeply. The trouble is inconsistency in the pipe line of raw materials, such as heads, shaft especially ( more so with stiff and X) and grips. There is even shortages on cardboard and packing material. There is also a shortage of Containers that sit on freighters ( boats) Add into the fact that there is also a skilled labor shortage. I went to my local high volume Audi dealer for an oil change, guess what they were out of Audi oil filters but had a 3rd party filter and asked me if that was OK? My wife saw a Q3 the other day in red, I asked about that, the salesmen said oh those are back ordered till next April - hopefully we'll have them. We can take a deposit otherwise we have grey sooner. its crazy This is not limited to Golf clubs its basically everything, furniture, electronics, trucks, food and autos. And lets not forget about medical supplies and their delays. The chip shortage also hurts the cost of chips prepandemic were in the 3-5 dollar range now are in the mid to $30 range with further prices out goods such cordless tooth brushes and point and shoot cameras out of reach price wise. The bottom line is don't be in a hurry for anything any more. These delays will improve but not back to consist levels for another year or two. Being in the import and logistics with manufactures I can assure you the days of ordering something and getting it in a few days such as golf clubs. Order today and and be playing with them inside of 10 days will be a case of extreme luck in the year ahead. There are countless stories of people being fitted in April and May from leading manufactures that still have not arrived. Take a deep breath, lessen your "its about me and I want X now" and remind yourself its only golf clubs. Be patient
  3. I was originally told 9/1. I had placed the order within an hour of when you could back in June. Mine were custom shafts and custom grips, lie and length. 2 weeks ago without calling at any point, I was updated via email that my P790 club set would be delayed to 9/14, no big deal. I had assumed that this is the case with everything now a days. My buddies callaways ordered in late May still have not arrived. anyway, was I surprised when they arrived at my home last wednesday.
  4. Mine arrived Wednesday, they look much better than expected. I'm a previous owner of the 1st and 2nd gen.
  5. A semi private actually closer to public course. Blocked out tee times for those that commit. $40 per man, usually around 24 players. $960 in the pot. 4 par three all closest to the pin and then birdie skins only- Pars don't count. Total number of pins and skins is usually 10 or greater with pay out per of around 60-$100. The pro takes in all the money and distributes the winnings. Question? Do you tip the pro? if so how much (%) ? or do you but only when you win multiple skins/pins BTW compiling the stats and tee times are automated with software
  6. It's called the 770, making he top line Will change the characteristic purpose and player profile of the club. Something that they're quite happy with and would not want to reduce.
  7. Has anyone repurchased their 2020 tickets yet for 2022? I know they are guaranteed, but is their a timeline or end date to purchase?
  8. If the looks of mid handicap iron bothers you that much, you're obviously looking at the wrong club anyway. You should be buying the TW or P7 you are that good after all. You shouldn't be messing with game improving iron What will the neighbors think?
  9. There is always next year.....
  10. I agree except for the part of "over whelming majority", for a 790 player less than 10% and even then its not a deal breaker.
  11. People do, because they have a lot going on between the ears. and its not very good. They should worry about getting the ball in the hole not what a club looks like, or how it looks in the bag, the back and sole of the club you don't see at address.....its rather silly
  12. The player profile is the same according to TM, specs are also the same ( lofts and lie) Also the most common set make up when the clubs were fitted, was 7 piece set 5-gap. So a 7 iron set is 1299
  13. which has been very common for new releases. I'm quite confident that once these go, your next opp will be March April ..... a late season release they don't go crazy with the quantity in the build. (10k world wide)
  14. I agree, wouldn't make sense, mid size iron with thin sole?
  15. That missing gap- your words- is called a mixed set of 750s and 770s in longer irons, so much so is there is a chart on the TM website to build a set based on your desire of where the "break should be, between the 770 and 750. Is it going to be at 7 iron or 6 iron for example
  16. I can answer that.....Fitters don't care what you buy or are fit too perse, they're fitting the club based on performance and specs, maximizing this customization for your swing and ability level. Now when it comes to the looks and the intangible of feel- that is totally up to the consumer based on the fit. A fitter should not influence the consumer based on their own opinion, wallet, brand loyalty or won with what at the last PGa tourney. and i think that is where the 790 especially and for better golfers the 770 has exceeded expectations.
  17. I have heard and seen this time and time again with club pros, amatuers and Gms at private courses whom I deal with. Not everyone obviously but many of these better players have opted away from say mizunos, Srixon and Titleist other unforgiving clubs in favor to the distance, accuracy and looks of the P-790s
  18. I hope the idea is the ship date 8/31 and you'll received them before the general availability date of 9/3, I'm looking forward to my custom set
  19. true, there is a surprising difference between the 770s and 790s, huge difference in playability. I too bought the 770s and found them to be very penal on miss hits, shorter distance and accuracy. where as the 790 you could still miss hit but your ball was still on the green.
  20. the 770s were not at all, what was the miss was not product related but production related with shafts, grips and an overwhelming demand for the 770 head.
  21. The specs are not changing from the 2019 790. Some people want too order them early and you refer them as degenerates? Nothing wrong with that. Has anyone here seen the new Apple Iphone 13 before the release? Funny how that works when you have the best selling iron for the past 4 years in a row. What about Tesla most of their sales are preorder only, with out so much as a test drive or pictures. Think the troll is on your own insecurity, put the sippy cup down.
  22. This is BS or a typo to reflect 8/31 will be the ship date. TM or no TM site doesn't matter.
  23. I have no idea how you would go about getting that. But that would be more of a seeding program thru marketing, not as a staffer. Seeding programs usually come well after the release dates of products. Sales reps get the sample first to sell and pre-line with their A-level dealers first well ahead of the release date or general availability. National accounts, Dicks, golfer warehouse, PGA superstore, etc, their buyers are seeing the product by now and have a signed non disclosure at this point.
  24. 110% sure. A staffer can be an assistant pro at a muni. There is nothing too special about a staffer he or she agrees via contract to play/wear and promote a branded product. I was staffer for tm and a staffer for adidas a couple of years ago, I don't even have PGA accreditation, I don't teach, i didn't even work at a golf course....but I was on staff and signed a contract and received the same program as others.
  25. Has anyone received their "rejection" email to the 2022 masters? should be forth coming soon
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