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  1. Yesterday I tried the Ballnamic golf ball-fitting tool. As a person who believes the golf ball is the most important piece of equipment and has always enjoyed conducting my own golf ball tests, I decided to check it out. My plan is to integrate my ongoing, personal “on course" test findings and the Ballnamic data with those of the 2021 Golf Ball Test (and Lab information) by MXX. I strongly believe that how a ball performs for me on a golf course is the best way to know which to play. Background: I am in my early 70s, have a few injuries that I live with, and have lost swing speed and flexibility over the years. My driver swing speed is about 85 and I am a relatively short hitter. I definitely could benefit from some spin on the ball. The last time I was fitted was at Club Champion about 5-6 years ago. I don’t remember my numbers, but I am aware of how my ball flies. FWIW: I am a mid handicap. I did the Ballnamic test three times. The second and third times I did the test, I only adjusted the trajectory and launch angle, because I tend to fluctuate a bit between mid and high. The interesting takeaway was that the ball I currently play and like most, the Bridgestone Tour B X, produced the best results in all three tests. The TaylorMade TP5X (2019 version) came in a close second (especially in my initial test) and was always was a solid performer, and the Srixon Z-Star XV did well each time. The Snell MTB Black also performed well in a number of categories (especially in the second and third tests). The only “new” ball that showed up in my second and third test was Callaway’s Chrome Soft X. It replaced the Snell MTB-X from my first test. Neither ball did particularly well. I am enjoying these golf ball discussions and decided to share my experience with Ballnamic.
  2. I got my only Hole in One in 2010 playing with a Titleist NXT that I had found several holes earlier.
  3. G-Bone, I agree. I had the same reaction, especially to the TGW video. I appreciate TXG and what that do, but based on the testing Ian conducts with Matt, I probably wouldn't be playing the the best ball for my game.
  4. I have a dozen, brand new, still in the box... if you can't find any.
  5. When I have putted with a matte golf ball, I always sensed that they felt "heavy." Does heavy = slow? I'm not sure, but I noticed a difference.
  6. Yes. You can still buy a Bennington 9 LITE bag on Amazon and probably other places. I'm not sure but "In the Hole Golf" also used to carry Bennington bags. The company does not sell direct. I have a Bennington Quiet Organizer Cart Bag. I have used it for a number of years and had another for multiple seasons before this one. Nothing is perfect, but I found the Bennington Quiet Organizers to be ideal for MY wants and needs in a cart bag.
  7. Does the type of packaging that golf balls are still sold in today (cardboard sleeve) cause golf balls to lose significant distance (12-14 yards) over a one year period if they were packaged differently as previously reported? grm24, I must have missed this. Do you remember where and when this was reported?
  8. I'm signed up. I currently play a Srixon Z-Star 355 driver at 12 degrees. I would like an HL4, 12 degrees, Regular Flex, Lamkin Z5 midsized grip, if possible. Thank you.
  9. Thanks. I appreciate your reply. Yes. It looks like Vice is the only one still selling the ball in question.
  10. > @storm319 said: > > @hammergolf said: > > I’ve played the rife ball and the vice ball. I can tell you they “are not the same ball”. Different dimple patterns, qty, size, and shape, different feel, and performance. Now, if they tested all three of these balls with a robot and the performance ”was identical” then they can make that statement. As usual they confuse opinion for actual fact. > > Again, this was not solely based on MiGolfSpi randomly cutting a few balls open and jumping to a conclusion, it is based on evidence as part of a 2015 lawsuit (this isn’t their opinion nor is this breaking news, just gathering attention due to their wide audience). > > Are you sure you are even comparing the same balls? Innovex released two balls under the Rife brand. E-motion = 3-piece, surlyn cover, 392 dimples. V-motion = 3-piece, urethane cover, 318 dimples. The V-motion is the ball in question here. > > The Vice Pro Plus/Soft have different dimple patterns and are not on trial in this situation. The regular Vice Pro is in fact identical to the other 9 defendants in the lawsuit. Also I am sure that Acushnet counted the dimples before filing considering that it is the basis of the infringement suit. > > Lawsuit in case anyone is interested. 10 defendants with identical balls made by Foremost Golf Mfg: > https://insight.rpxcorp.com/litigation_documents/11254370 Storm 319, thanks for posting the link. I remember this lawsuit. Do you know the status of the case? Has it been settled? Did it go to trial? Thanks.
  11. JFM, did you ever receive your clubs from Bridgestone? If not, have you heard anything?
  12. I am sorry to hear about the delay and lack of information. It must be frustrating. At the very least, someone should be forthcoming and explain to you why there is such a long delay. Please keep us informed. I also am thinking of ordering a set of irons from Bridgestone.
  13. Another option to the two wedges you listed in your question is the Cleveland Smart Sole. I know two golfers that have them and have had success using them. One previously had the Callaway version. He switched to the Cleveland Smart Sole and tells me he likes it much better.
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