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  1. Agreed! I find it to be longer than my Vokey SM6 V-grind loft-for-loft.
  2. Any interest in an Epic Flash 15° hotmelted (for sound) with a black GD AD DI 8x in trade for the Ventus 6X?
  3. My TSi2 16.5 was ordered with a DI 8S but arrived with an HD8S instead...I like the HD ok, but I picked up a TSi3 with a Ventus Black that I like better so the 16.5/HD8 will soon be up for sale.
  4. I have an HD 8S in a 16.5 Titleist TSi2 that I have played a few rounds with. I would say it is more "one piece" from the mid to tip than the AD DI. I think it feels just as stiff, if not stiffer than the AD DI 8x in my Callaway 3 wood. Feel is a funny thing...I prefer the more "active" feeling of the AD DI. The HD feels a bit "dead" which I suspect is my perception of less kick. I certainly don't feel like I balloon in or loose it left in Stiff as compared to the AD DI 8 in X. It is a nice shaft, but for all my trying I can't find a better driver and FW Graphite Design than the AD DI.
  5. Titleist TSi2 16.5 GD ADHD 8S $375 OBO SOLD Callaway Epic Flash 15 3 Wood hotmelt neutral/for sound with a Graphite Design ADDI 8X shaft $245 $225 Ping i210 5-W black dot DG 105/S300 $600 $575 Sold Ping Glide 3.0 50° wedge ZZ115 shaft $115 SOLD Mizuno HMB 3 iron AMT White X100 $135 Scratch 58° Nippon WV125 $90 SOLD Callaway Super Hybrid 23° Tensei Pro Orange stiff tipped .5" $125 SOLD Callaway Super Hybrid 17° Tensei Pro Orange XStiff $125 SOLD Graphite Design TP8X with Callaway driver tip (paint chipping, but functional) approximately 43.75" $155 $125 SOLD Callaway MD5 52° raw- DGS400 $100 SOLD Callaway PM 19 56° KBS HI-Rev 2.0 $100 SOLD Mizuno T20 50° DGS400 $85 SOLD Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 76g with Ping G400 tip- approximately 44" $60 $50
  6. Not bad...more boardy than the ADDI 8x in my Callaway 3 wood, but very stable flight...perhaps a little less likely to hook/slice than the ADDI. I do seem to find that weight is more important than flex.
  7. Received my 16.5 TSi2 HD 8 two week ago and just ordered a TSi2 7 wood/HD 8 and TSi3 3 wood ADDI 7 before the deal is gone.
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