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  1. I love Callaway preowned...simple, easy and high value!
  2. Email and PP sent for Like New Graphite Design TP 6 X w/ Ping G410 Adapter 44.00"- $200.
  3. Just amazing rhythm and temp...his swing has to be one of, if not the best swings in modern golf.
  4. The Smoke Black 6.0 I had in my Callaways feels smooth but stable...like the yellow. The 3 wood Smoke Black 6.0 felt a bit loose whereas the OG Black 6.5 80g in the 5 wood has a more linear feel. The Project Orange just feels like there is a "hinge" in the middle of the shaft that I can feel, though it was far straighter and carried farther than the Smoke Black head-for-head. I suspect the PO has a soft middle and/or soft handle which creates a "feel" that gives me pause. I would love to find an X in the same shaft to give it a go.
  5. Great feel and distance, though I tend to curve the 70g stiff more than I like, but certainly no more than the Hzrdus Smoke Black in my Mavrik SZ. I am playing a GD AD DI 7x that has roughly the same distance without the curvature. At some point I will try a 70X to see if that is a better fit...for now, the 70S is on the BST! BTW, my driver swing is around 102-105 with a quick OTT transition; miss is a hook/pull hook and decent shot is a big push draw.
  6. The GP plays MUCH stiffer feeling than the AD DI...I also have a few D03 103 gram shafts that play very smooth and stable.
  7. I have a Tensei CK Pro Orange 70g stiff that I think plays similarly to the Hzrdus Yellow 6.0, just softer in the middle...if that makes sense. The PO is a much nicer feel and goes a long way but does have more curvature than I am comfortable with. I hit big push draws that curve into the fairway, but the soft feel is a little more than I am comfortable with. I switched to a GD AD DI 70X and hit the same number of fairways but without the big curve. The shaft is very stable and consistent if you are in the right load range for it...too bad you don't play Callaway because my 70 stiff is in the
  8. Callaway X Forged UT 21° Recoil 780 Stiff $95 Scratch 58° LBE grind (digger/driver lowest bounce wedge https://Not allowed because of spam.com/scratch-wedge-grinds/) NS Pro WV 125S shaft $85 8Z08 is stiff and 44" with no adapter from the grip cap...pictures sent!
  9. Thanks! I fixed the title (hopefully) and removed items because there were too many. Hopefully I have it correct now.
  10. Epic Flash 9° head $SOLD Epic Flash Sub Zero 9° head $SOLD Ping G410 14.5° 3 wood Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7S $SOLD Graphite Design GP6S with Callaway tip $150 $SOLD Evenflow T1100 65G 6.5 with Callaway tip $SOLD Epic Flash 13.5° 3 Wood Hzrdus Smoke Black 70 6.0 $SOLD Diamana Blue Board 93X $125 OBO $95 Callaway Super Hybrid 17° Tensei CK Pro Orange 80G stiff $ SOLD Titleist 818 H1 19° hybrid Tensei CK Pro White X $SOLD Tensei CK Pro Orange 70 S $205 Diamana Whiteboard 83X $95
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