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  1. Thanks for the kind words...I bought it several years ago off this board and was under the impression that it was a hand done version, though I have no documentation as such. It is a great putter...hate to see it go, but I putt better with my ugly Callaway two-ball.
  2. Selling my well-loved Byron Morgan 611 long plumbers neck putter. The Grip Master grip is dirty and coming out of the collar so I am including a BM branded black Iomic-style grip for replacement. The head cover is in good shape but a little dirty from use. $425 shipped
  3. My Byron Morgan 611 is a long slant neck, I believe. I love the putter, but putt better with a big ugly 2-ball so the BM will be headed off to sale.
  4. Baywoods is really well done and nice...Heritage Shores is fine for a local course, but absolutely nothing special. Long Neck in Delaware is 20 miles as the crow flies, but would really be more of a 45 minute drive with lights and traffic.
  5. I migrated from the old Golf Online Equipment forum to the GEA back in '97-'99 I think. I met lots of great guys I played golf with over the years.
  6. I play to a 10 and find the MMC to have excellent feel and retain ball speed/spin of moderate toe strikes. I love that they spin a good bit- thin shots fly low with more spin, centered shots are high but not ballooning. Fat shots are, well, fat shots...Mizuno can't fix everything. No big hooks or slices due to the low spin...better for me than Callaway X-forged '18s or even the Ping S55s. I had all manner of Apex '14s and '16s along with a few pros in between but none of them provided the best combination of control, distance, forgiveness and spin. The Apex line was fabulous for distance until
  7. Same here...she ain't pretty but she's a keeper.
  8. It would be great if Callaway could update the PM wedge with the same playability out of the sand and around the green without being so d*mn ugly...
  9. Wouldn't that just bunch the fields tighter, allowing those less capable of moving the ball accurately at higher speeds to gain advantage by limiting the best players in the driving distance category? It seems to me that golf should be a level playing field when it comes to equipment. I wouldn't mind having everything roll back so that I could be competitive to my playing partners using my persimmons again...ego won't let me do it today.
  10. remember my thoughts when the groove rule was implemented..."I won't care in 14 years; I won't have any old equipment to play nor will I be competitive enough to care about a handicap at that age." Now that 2024 is closing in, I can see how wrong I really was. This type of regulation will just push people away from "USGA golf" and weaken the sport by encouraging "goofy golf" instead of organized play. A "tournament ball" would seem to be the easiest solution. Make the ball specifications a condition of competition...range of spin and distance to allow some customization for players but catego
  11. I am in the process of a similar change and have trouble aiming now because of it. I have been a pull drawer of the ball for a long time and can't seem to change my aim point to accommodate the fade. Pull draws are impressively long when well struck...they travel on a beautiful trajectory deep into the woods.
  12. There is very little difference in the shot tempo and swing length...Monte talks about a "full swing" distance being a club or more stronger for control; this concept is illustrated perfectly here. If Rham were your typical Amateur, he would pull the 7 iron for yardages of 200-205...maxed out speed. I bet Rham would consider a 175-185 distance as his "stock" 7 iron. I suspect that his "approach to the game" is what makes him rise above all those "great ball strikers" who never quite make it. I think it takes more to be at the PGA tour level than the physical aspects of the swing (and putting).
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