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  1. I played a similar set up as a 10 and didn't find them to be significantly more demanding than the MMC. I shot scores that were unchanged from my full MMC set to the MP20. I actually bought the 5 iron blade to replace the MMC 5 iron because I hit it better, though the MMCs were 1/2 club longer at least. Ultimately it got in my head that I am not good enough to play blades and I moved them on...the biggest handicap to my golf game is the lump on my shoulders.
  2. I ordered mine in November and had it in my hand within 2 weeks- Modus 115 stiff and Tour Velvet midsize grip; no customized stampings or ferrules.
  3. I found that the TCBs played similarly to Mizuno MP20 MMCs and were actually more "forgiving" that Ping i210s which I moved on immediately. I am a thin flipper so my miss is typically low and slightly heel side though I usually play a few off the toe in a normal round. I played and enjoyed the Callaway X forged '18s prior to the MMCs. The X forged '18, MMCs, and TCBs were all good for me as 10 hcp mediocre golfer that hits those 7 irons 155 at sea level for an average of 6 GIR. The TCBs have a short blade, so that is probably why I like them...there just isn't too much real estate on the toe side of center to play with. I really like the TCBs...that said, I am probably going to move them on for some Mizuno 225s very shortly
  4. I play a Ventus Black 6s in my Epic Speed LS driver and my TSi3 3 wood. Normally I would choose a 70-80g shaft for the 3 wood, but the deal was too good to pass up on the TSi3. I am finding that I don't really notice the lighter than normal weight and find the 3 wood to be the best one I have played in recent memory. I came from an Epic Flash 3 wood with an AD DI 8x and a TSi2 AD HD 8s- both of which played with similar stiffness as the Ventus 6s. The lighter shaft is working great, so I'm not messing with it. My 5 wood is also a great club with an 80g Hzrdus smoke black in X. I am finding that the shaft is much less important to my swing than the guy on the end of it...and that guy is consistently not very good
  5. Don't forget the 8 Senior/Champion's Tour majors
  6. Maybe not rare, but very cool! I love the old Macs
  7. I found some information referencing the Cleveland BeCu putters here... https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/cleveland-classic-putter-beryllium-43496196
  8. Agreed! I find it to be longer than my Vokey SM6 V-grind loft-for-loft.
  9. Any interest in an Epic Flash 15° hotmelted (for sound) with a black GD AD DI 8x in trade for the Ventus 6X?
  10. My TSi2 16.5 was ordered with a DI 8S but arrived with an HD8S instead...I like the HD ok, but I picked up a TSi3 with a Ventus Black that I like better so the 16.5/HD8 will soon be up for sale.
  11. I have an HD 8S in a 16.5 Titleist TSi2 that I have played a few rounds with. I would say it is more "one piece" from the mid to tip than the AD DI. I think it feels just as stiff, if not stiffer than the AD DI 8x in my Callaway 3 wood. Feel is a funny thing...I prefer the more "active" feeling of the AD DI. The HD feels a bit "dead" which I suspect is my perception of less kick. I certainly don't feel like I balloon in or loose it left in Stiff as compared to the AD DI 8 in X. It is a nice shaft, but for all my trying I can't find a better driver and FW Graphite Design than the AD DI.
  12. Titleist TSi2 16.5 GD ADHD 8S $375 OBO SOLD Callaway Epic Flash 15 3 Wood hotmelt neutral/for sound with a Graphite Design ADDI 8X shaft $245 $225 Ping i210 5-W black dot DG 105/S300 $600 $575 Sold Ping Glide 3.0 50° wedge ZZ115 shaft $115 SOLD Mizuno HMB 3 iron AMT White X100 $135 Scratch 58° Nippon WV125 $90 SOLD Callaway Super Hybrid 23° Tensei Pro Orange stiff tipped .5" $125 SOLD Callaway Super Hybrid 17° Tensei Pro Orange XStiff $125 SOLD Graphite Design TP8X with Callaway driver tip (paint chipping, but functional) approximately 43.75" $155 $125 SOLD Callaway MD5 52° raw- DGS400 $100 SOLD Callaway PM 19 56° KBS HI-Rev 2.0 $100 SOLD Mizuno T20 50° DGS400 $85 SOLD Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 76g with Ping G400 tip- approximately 44" $60 $50
  13. Not bad...more boardy than the ADDI 8x in my Callaway 3 wood, but very stable flight...perhaps a little less likely to hook/slice than the ADDI. I do seem to find that weight is more important than flex.
  14. Received my 16.5 TSi2 HD 8 two week ago and just ordered a TSi2 7 wood/HD 8 and TSi3 3 wood ADDI 7 before the deal is gone.
  15. I have a Callaway Epic Flash 15° 3 wood with a Graphite Design AD DI 8x that might fit the bill...hot melted for sound.
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