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  1. same thing happened to a friend, he got a 2016 replacement, but that was a year ago
  2. great deal on that Queen Bee, my favorite putter!
  3. Alrighty, so i have a chance! Great news. :) But seriously, very interesting topic. I was just watching the Masters and thinking about how all these pros started golf at a very young age. Although Fowler ive heard didnt start really playing till 14 or 15.
  4. What do you think is the oldest age a pro player started playing golf?
  5. Does a cavity back really help the pros that much? I would think if they hit a bad shot its gonna be bad with blades or CBs. I always thought that a CB was more forgiving in terms of distance, and blades could actually be more accurate if you strike the ball well?
  6. very sweet, im torn between those and the tours
  7. I wouldve expected more customization at that price point.
  8. those look sweet, wonder if theyll be cheaper or more expensive than the current ones?
  9. no, im looking to add a second putter
  10. What's crazy is they're a 52-08 and a 60-09. Not a whole lot of difference in bounce. Unless one is bent actually? Idk. Makes me wonder if pros even need a certain bounce in bunkers or if they just make do. yeah, i bet they could do it with a 4 iron if they had to :taunt: ive never hit lob wedge out of the bunker, ill have to try it thursday!
  11. What would you use out of the bunker? 60 i guess?
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