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  1. I got one as soon as they came out 2 years ago. I like it so much that I considered buying a backup, but the bag has held up so well I have yet to do so. However, this bag won’t be for everyone. It was definitely designed to be a little more minimalist. I’ll get to that. First, I have the opposite opinion on the material. It’s really durable vinyl that never fades and is easy to clean. The downside is that it’s a tad heavier than some materials. There are lighter options for those who carry. Second, it’s a tad narrow. I like the sleekness, but I only play 12 clubs, and I could see it being an issue for guys with large, tacky grips or those are easily annoyed by a little club tangle. Third, there’s not a ton of pocket storage space. Again, fine for me because I don’t keep a bunch of junk in my bag like I used to. However, they redesigned the bag for 2021 to have 1 large pocket instead of 2 on one side. So, newer ones are probably a bit roomier than the one I have but probably not that much. Fourth, there’s no dedicated water bottle pocket. I always use a pushcart when I walk. So, my water goes on the handle, but I couldn’t imagine carrying without an easy access water bottle holder. Other than that, the bag is solid. I get compliments from strangers all the time. Down the road, I’ll probably try to find a deal on a closeout sale on another one of these in the same color. So, dibs. Recent pics in my WITB.
  2. I’m glad the OP asked the question—even though it’s entirely dependent on wealth, taste, grandchildren, and a million other subjective facts—because the more retirees or near-retirees that chime in, the better. Like ND2005, it’s not happening soon—I’m only 40—but we talk about it a lot.
  3. The closet game is respectable. The garage slightly less so. Maintaining functional organization in there is a constant battle with the little freeloaders that live here.
  4. Card carrying spreadsheet jockey, here.
  5. Long overdue post . . . complete overhaul, switched to graphite, and down to 12 clubs.
  6. If I were the golf equipment czar, then instead of 7-irons we’d have 34-irons, and instead of sand wedges we’d have 56-wedges, and so on and so forth. Who do I speak with about being duly authorized for this new role? References available upon request.
  7. I did a deep dive on this subject a few years ago. There’s no magic to it. A larger diameter bag will, all else equal, have less club tangle. You’ve hinted that this is primarily for cart use. If you’re not carrying (and weight is less of a concern), then just get the largest diameter top stand bag you can find. Back then, Sun Mountain offered the XCR model with an 11” 4-way top, which has since been discontinued. Zero club tangle. Never a moment of frustration as you try to begin your pre-shot routine. Unfortunately, I don’t see any stand bags with 11” tops on SM’s site that are not 14-way dividers. So, I don’t have a model to recommend, only the advice to pay attention to diameter if club tangle is top priority.
  8. I know it’s hard to accept, but these clowns are serving a positive role in society. They are taking capital away from individuals who are so stupid that they might use that capital to fund even less desirable purposes. This rigmarole is essentially a backstop. Let it breathe.
  9. I’m not a fan of either of these players, but this is a great playoff.
  10. I keep this end simple as well. 12 club bag now. 9.0° D 16.5° 4W 21° 4H 24° 5I
  11. I’m 5’6” and trial and error got me to these specs: Driver -1.5” Fairway -1.0” Hybrid -1.0” Irons -0.5” and 2* flat
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