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  1. What differentiates these shafts from other graphite competitors like Steelfiber, Recoil, Catalyst, MCI, etc.?
  2. ^This. I play my irons 2* flat as well, and I pay close attention to lie specs on hybrids and fairways. The G410 can be adjusted up to 3* flat, which is more than any other on the market. Whereas, the Titleist hybrids, for example, can only be adjusted to 0.75* flat. As an aside, I usually also shorten my hybrids and fairways 0.5-1.5". This effectively flattens the lie angle as well 1* for every 1" reduction. Just another option to consider, albeit more involved because you have to mess with new headweights or hotmelt and you're affecting shaft flex. The G410 is a much easier solution.
  3. I thought the heuristic was 2 yards for each degree of loft plus 8 yards for each inch of length. So in the 5-iron example above: 2 degrees * 2 yards + 1/2 inch * 8 yards = 4 yards lost due to loft + 4 yards lost due to speed = total 8 yards lost
  4. Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60S (stiff) driver shaft Only hit a couple range sessions, Callaway tip, NDMC grip, measures 42.75”, plays at 44.25” Specs: https://www.aldila.com/products/rogue-white-130-msi $100 shipped. USPS priority shipping to CONUS. No trades. PayPal payments.
  5. I've noticed that feature missing on most lightweight bags too. When I was carrying a minimalist bag, I switched to using an insulated water bottle. Now I use an insulated bottle whether I carry, push, or ride.
  6. Indeed. Life is too short to play with junk clubs. Now let's see the collection of Linksoul apparel.
  7. Really nice set makeup. I played 9 clubs for a season and really enjoyed carrying a lighter bag, but I always knew a few of those in-between should have been better. I currently play 13 and use a push cart, but I'm going to design my next bag to be 11 or 12 clubs. I think that's the sweet spot for the trade-off between scoring and a ease of walking.
  8. This one is pure class. No confirmation bias here. None. Metro Stand Bag | Golf Bags for Sale
  9. Sorry about a question from a really old post, but we’re you likening the i125 to the C-Taper and i110 to DG? Or were you just using CT and DG as an example of 2 drastically different shaft profiles?
  10. I love my steel PX 6.0s. My wrists do not. Since this thread has a ton of experience, I have a couple questions. Which graphite iron shaft is the closest to the PX 6.0? And which graphite iron shaft is the lowest launching in say 95-120 gram weight range and stiff flex? Thanks in advance.
  11. There are a lot of all-Titleist bags in the community, but this one might be my favorite. First, and this is where my OCD becomes obnoxious, I like how the PW and AW lofts of the T100-S blend better if you like your LW at 60* instead of 58*. I find 44/48/52/56/60 and 44/48/54/60 to be in harmony with nature. Whereas, 42/46/52/56/60 and 42/46/50/56/60 make my eye twitch. Second, and more importantly, I like seeing high-end graphite in irons because I'm considering making the switch. May I ask how/why you landed on the OTIs? Did you test the Mitsubishi MMTs or Fujikura MCIs or anything els
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