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  1. Look good on course with shorts and pants? Had to get off golfposer and ukmailbox. So ready for mine.
  2. The lulu polo is awesome but for warm day. It’s the “breathe” style so the back has larger holes to vent.
  3. If was a 12 would scoop immediately. Love the AM1G.
  4. Man, not mad at ya for it, I get it. I just wasn’t expecting them to be going for that much but I have been checking the bay and I know that’s what they are askin. Of course I’m butthurt didn’t get a pair lol
  5. Wasn’t complaining, I blew it thought the release different time from what sneaker news said..... Ive been into shoes my whole life so I know the feeling of taking plenty L’s on release day mornings.
  6. Lol. Saw those because really want a pair of the 270s and my size. No way I’ll be paying that for them though!
  7. A lot of times can google the tournament and year. Usually can find them.
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