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  1. I honestly hit it quite straight but I think my swing is compensating for the open face. My swing speed is decent but I'm hitting prob one club more than I think I should everytime. I think this is the issue. These are all great tips! Keep them coming!
  2. I have a pretty good swing (8 handicap) but over the years I have developed having my face pretty open at address. My stance is square. All my playing partners say this and I know that this is the case. I honestly cannot align the club without the face open. It always looks way too closed for me and looks square when the face is open. I think I am losing a club+ distance with my irons. Any recommendations? I was thinking maybe a proper fitting would help but I have always read that better playes have the face open. Any suggestions would be great WRX!!!
  3. Prob the best looking driver on the market right now imo.
  4. Just picked up a 0211 driver. Just giving anyone who is considering one a heads up that the standard 45 inch is shorter than a standard Taylormade or Callaway. I think it's about one inch shorter.
  5. Do you think the head still feel heavy with an evenflow riptide cb 60g? I love a heavyish feeling head.
  6. Has anyone hit this driver yet? I'd like to get some honest reviews. For the price it seems like a great driver. It apparently is very forgiving. There are minimal reviews and videos online that I can find. Any information and insight would be great! EC13E59C-593D-4F19-937B-228912C5511D.webp
  7. Has anyone hit the 0211 driver yet? I can't find any reviews on it! It looks pretty nice for the price.
  8. Really would like some reviews on the driver already. Has no one hit it on here yet?
  9. I'll take the sim off you. Will you ship to Canada?
  10. I watched JJ Spaun in the Canadin Tour last year and now he is destroying the Web. I am predicting 2 wins in big leagues in 2017 from him. I would also like to win AP2s!
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