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  1. Sorry, I was not being smart, just thought you were unaware of the designation. I was actually unaware that he (Scotty Cameron) has GSS trademarked; I always thought that was just a myth and still find it hard to believe that such a generic term could be trademarked. I think he would have trouble defending it legally as it is just an abbreviation I agree about the whole GSS being super soft and special thing is just so much gobs****. Last time I checked on the Brinell scale it was actually harder than regular 303 or 304 IIRC. I also don't know why so many people equate a soft feel w
  2. Ah yes, my maths. Anyway 2/3 of people don't know what a fraction is - and the other half don't care! Boom tish. :-) Rob
  3. Always a relief to hear from a fellow Putter Ho! :-) Rob
  4. I could measure them, but every time I give the old Bettinardi BC1's a run, they strike me as seeming longer from heel to toe. :-) Rob
  5. I still can't go past my Ping G400Max either. I am a 60 year old hack off 13 but with a Hazardus smoke 6.0 at 45", I love this thing. :-)
  6. Oh man, I wish I had a copy. It's the promotional equivalent of dragging your balls through the custard at a christening! :-))) Rob
  7. Kari won't disappoint mate! Don't mind my nagging; you've sen that Copper Timascus beauty Kari made for me - and it is 350g - because I play a lot in the wind too!!. :-) Rob
  8. It was an epic thread - an I own a bunch of Camerons. I just think it was a bit personal when JR started calling Nick P a jumper folder etc. there were a lot of laughs to be had by the many indignant posts there. Surprised it was up for what - 8 or 9 years? :-) Rob
  9. Dude! Please don't make me do my Jack, Arnie Bobby Locke, Tiger have sunk a LOT of putts with light putters - oops there I go! :-) Hope you are safe and well mate. Rob
  10. Hey guys, OP here and sorry for my absence - looking after kids and old people down here in Sydney. Please PM me with your email if interested and now that I have a few I will send out a group email to everyone in a couple of weeks just so we can stay in touch if need be for anything. :-) Rob
  11. Not to mention JR's old Cameron exotic grip collection!! I wish I had have kept photos of some archive stuff on there now. :-) Rob
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