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  1. I’m one of those people. Don’t hit anything longer than an 8iron these days...
  2. "The best ball money can buy implies" it will be the best fit for everyone. As good as the Noodle may be for you, for someone else it may be plop. In fact, there isn't a single ball on the market that could be described in the way you are suggesting. Different players have different needs when it comes to golf balls. Did I change your mind?
  3. Thats because it was made out of concrete.
  4. Wanted to love the new Anser 4 after playing a stainless steel version for 20 years, but it’s not for me. Feels too springy and is heavier than I like. I’ve spent the last 5 years playing a Newport 2.5 with 5 gram weights and a ping man grip. Balance and weight feels perfect.
  5. People aren't buying Mini Drivers because they want something that is "versatile off the deck". They want something to be able to comfortably hit off the tee. I'd say there is a market (albeit small). Its definitely not "completely unnecessary".
  6. Ordered an Anser 4. Hoping it arrives Monday.
  7. The old SLDR mini was an awesome club.
  8. BXS is brilliant for green side spin.
  9. I'd rather hit a blob of petrified cow plop.
  10. Awesome. I swing at 73 mph but prefer the feel of something stiffer.
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