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  1. Still playing 745s. Srixon make brilliant irons. These look like they are no exception.
  2. I have laid 3D cables that would roll a golf ball better than this monstrosity.
  3. I’ve always thought that we didn’t have enough spider putters in the world.
  4. Excited. They are my favourite irons.
  5. It isn’t my friend. Just turned up plop.
  6. Possibly a translation issue across hemispheres, but I assume that means I have done good?
  7. So when you boil it down your issues are with roundness and the concentricity test which are two components of a multi-faceted test. I checked the article and the thread on their forum and couldn't see questions A to D anywhere. They may get answered if they get asked. Based on someone else's comment on this thread, it sounds like they have attempted to answer the question of roundness elsewhere but I couldn't find that. I agree with your comments regarding the concentricity. It would be nice to be able to measure this quantitatively. Not sure how you would do this thou
  8. I remember reading about this on here a while ago. Interesting approach as it appears to cross over into Cleveland territory.
  9. Its semantics but I am happy to substitute the word 'budget' with 'cheaper' if that assists. In my part of the world Srixon Q Star Tours are nearly half the price of ProV1s ($40 v $76). I guess you could buy some Hot Dots for less than the QSTs but its pretty clear that the QSTs are a long way from being 'premium' price.
  10. Good grief? Calm down Ned Flanders. I saw the following statement: "I don't put much weight in anything the S*G*M guys do." along with a number of other comments stating that they've never had a problem with it. That implies that it may actually be about whether they got something wrong. That's fine. People are entitled to question the results of their test but don't pretend that people haven't when they clearly have. As for posting additional data - sure, if thats what people want to see then they should provide it. And confirming t
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