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  1. Ordered an Anser 4. Hoping it arrives Monday.
  2. The old SLDR mini was an awesome club.
  3. BXS is brilliant for green side spin.
  4. I'd rather hit a blob of petrified cow plop.
  5. Awesome. I swing at 73 mph but prefer the feel of something stiffer.
  6. Not like Vijay “5XL golf shirt” Singh
  7. He’s obviously more comfortable with SIM given he’s used it for longer. Doesn’t make SIM2 inferior.
  8. Ping treat lefties fairly well. Not enamoured with the looks but I’ll definitely be buying an Anser 4. Used a stainless steel one for many years before switching to a Newport 2.5 a while back. The Anser 4 sits better at address for me and the modern design will help slightly with consistency.
  9. Wow. Everyone is Karsten the net fairly wide to come up with these puns.
  10. Call it a day? Are you Craz-e? We are just getting started!
  11. My eyes didn’t roll but my BS detector went off. Then I did some further research and understand how they measure forgiveness. It’s easily the most comprehensive test available and better than a lot of the anecdotal crap that I read in most places. It’s not perfect though by any means. I treat all information as a guide only. Nothing beats doing your own testing.
  12. Looks clean from address. The sound from the videos makes me think it will be firmer than the Sigma range. ...and also, thanks to the videos I now know how to say ‘Cushin’ in Japanese.
  13. Are you telling me it isn’t Beef Forged? If so then that’s me out.
  14. I didn’t happen to Ketsch what he did.
  15. Let’s hope they make more than 12 sets. It would be nice if they could get their clubs into more people’s hands.
  16. Bridgestone BXS is still the ball to beat imo. Try a bunch of other ones but keep coming back to it.
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