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  1. 1” tipping is standard for Taylormade, which is why so many Ventus Velocore shafts w/ Taylormade adapters are tipped on the BST. Doesn’t make much sense but that’s how they do it
  2. Justin Rose is not your average tour player though
  3. I know the Ventus Blue has a soft midsection which makes it kick more, but the tip is very stiff - I don’t think that would match what they’re looking for
  4. I used a 7s for the past year and I agree that it’s in between the blue and black profile. Was exactly what I was looking for in a driver shaft profile.
  5. Picked up a 7s for the driver and it’s been amazing - will replace my Atmos Patriot Edition 7s. Feels a bit stiffer than the Atmos but my strike pattern has gotten much better with the DF, and it’s just a good fit.
  6. The black finish will wear on the face, so don’t worry too much. Just try to strike it off the center so it creates a cool wear pattern lol
  7. If more launch is needed, loft is something that can also be looked at. Playing an IZ 7x at 16.5 is an option if 15 launches too low.
  8. ZX7s are Srixon’s cavity back, they are more forgiving than blade options. Srixon’s blade is the Z-Forged
  9. Haven’t tried those shafts - sorry
  10. I’ve tried the stiffer one and it felt really nice. Should feel a lot better than the Nippon shaft
  11. Your swing speed, tendencies, driver shaft, etc. are all good pieces of information to include
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