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  1. 280 carry with 154 ball speed is really off unless you’re hitting super far up on it. Sounds like the launch monitor numbers are weird. G410 will spin more than TS3, you might want to look into that. 1800-1900 spin is pretty low and difficult to manage especially if you miss it on the toe. With the iron shaft question, I don’t really know how to respond.
  2. Yup, and he has a 10 gram and a 15 gram weight in his putter while this one is just stock 10 grams with no paintfill
  3. Yeah, I just purchased an X5R to customize but I am gonna hold off and wait to see the retail price to see if it’s worth it or not. If it’s in the $500-600 range, then I’ll probably just go the custom route.
  4. I’ve seen this rumor too... I sure hope it’s real. Just wish the price point isn’t too high.
  5. I sold my 919 Forged 4 iron for $160 when I bought it for $125. Used it for a couple months and made a profit. I even saw some forged 4 irons go for $190. I thought it would be $100 max, but nope the prices are crazy right now.
  6. 545s will spin less than a 745 4 iron and will go further if you don’t change the loft. A 545 4 iron bent weak might give you what you are looking for. At the same time though, I am a little confused on why your 4 iron gives you the most trouble in the wind when the rest of your irons spin more than a 4 iron.
  7. Yeah, that’s more rust than I imagined, not gonna lie. How is the performance of them? Sweet top of the bag by the way.
  8. I play an XR Pro 20 degree and have an Apex 23 degree hybrid and I like it. Expect the hybrid to launch a good bit higher than a utility iron. I have an Modus 120 stiff in the Apex hybrid to match the rest of my set, but I need to make the head lighter as the swing weight is pretty weird with it. If you’re more comfortable with the hybrid than your TMB driving iron (although it does not have a graphite shaft in it), I would recommend the hybrid.
  9. Hey, off topic but how was the experience with the Tour Van?
  10. Can you not chargeback with your credit card?
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