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  1. You might also have too much dynamic loft at impact. That’s a big factor for how the ball flight comes out, and how solid the strike feels.
  2. I had pure grips on my clubs and had the same issue. It smelled very strongly of rubber and was unpleasant. It didn’t go away
  3. I think Patrick Cantlay does the same, he plays a ZF 80tx in his hybrid which is a wood shaft
  4. Head comes with original headcover. There are some slight cosmetic flaws on the white paint, but the head is in good shape overall. $old shipped to the lower 48.
  5. Matt Kuchar tested a reverse armlock Bettinardi earlier this year, if that helps
  6. If it’s costing you 4-5 shots a round, chances are that your technique could be improved upon.
  7. There’s a lot of custom options and they have a reputation for being a reliable performer
  8. There’s also been the chase for more distance, which could explain some of these experiments
  9. Or you could go the new route and put an Autoflex in it. Shaft will be worth about 20x the value of the 3 wood
  10. They’re pretty small, the other options listed are more forgiving
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