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  1. Are these forged? Shape suggests they are but I dont see the "forged" in the hosel
  2. I need to get my dad some long clubs. Something preferably with very light shafts in either regular or senior flex. thank you
  3. I think it means its a lower production head with lower spin
  4. How long is the putter shaft? is it long enough to try a arm lock experiment?
  5. Is it easy to put that shaft in my double bend neck putter?
  6. I am playing at 45 inches and the head weight is 206 grams. even my taylormade m4 is weighing in at D6. Which seems a bit high as well. I will be checking with another swingweight scale when things open back up
  7. Thank you! I’ll try the taylormade weights!
  8. I recently purchased a set of club conex uni fit adapters and I am getting some really high swingweight numbers. My Mizuno ST190 driver with Fuji EVO V (68 grams) is clocking in at E2. Is this normal for clubs with this adapter sleeve? what can I do to bring the swingweight to a more acceptable range. I am used to around D4 thanks for any insight you can give me
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