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  1. I really liked the shape of the Mullen 2, and after a few weeks of using it, I am really enjoying it, I normally play a Toulon anser style. Is it possible to carefully remove the black paint on the top, to get a similar copper finish as the sole? Thanks!
  2. I am looking for a ping i500 iron set, in either black or red dot. Please let me know what you have! Thank you
  3. The biggest difference is the consistency of strike, face angle and ground contact (divot after ball). I am so much less worried about chunking the ball, and I dropped shots just from having less topped balls, etc. With my old chicken wing and flip, the entire swing was timing based - I had a two way consistent miss, mega hooks and then a slice. Using the bounce helped my short game too - no more bladed wedges across the green, or chunks into the bunker I was trying to hit over.
  4. How many shots per round do you hit with each? I would start with the club you use the most. The G425 fairways are very nice compared to the G400, which I found spun more than expected.
  5. Shout out to Monte, and his online lessons and videos. No Turn Cast, Use the Bounce 2.0, Early Extension, and I'm digesting broomforce this fall. He helped me work the right wrist correctly, grip, and swing fundamentals (stop firing the hips, right arm works up in backswing, clubface control.) I still want to improve what AMG calls the "surf" weight shift. Before, with my flippy impact, I was coming up short of greens. Now, after a full season of playing and practice (I played some bad bad golf while making changes - don't be discouraged!) I have to relearn my iron distances as I am able to fly greens now and rip back wedges, which I could never do before. I've got all winter to keep improving. Also - without even thinking about it - I'm "shallow" haha. If you haven't already, contact Monte!
  6. Raw Orange TX feels like a counterbalanced Tensei White TX to me. In the same way the Rogue White TX is similar to a counterbalanced Tour Green profile. The tensei raw blue tx feels looser overall, with the middle of the shaft feeling the most kick. It reminded me of the non-TX rogue white profile (tour blue-esque.)
  7. I hit the best stinger 3 wood of my life on Pacific's par 5 12th hole into a crazy wind. On a normal day, I would be over the green chipping back on. But with the gusts blowing, I was still 70 yards short haha. I didnt try to make Par 5's in 2 much after that!
  8. This happens to me when I rotate my shoulders open too quickly. Justin Rose drill, keep those shoulders closed longer
  9. After asking about the 60 degree wedge, I ended up keeping it in the bag, I only used it once over the whole trip I also only used my 20* hybrid on two shots, so I could have left that in the room too!
  10. For Sale are: Cleveland CBX2 Black Satin 46 Cleveland CBX2 Black Satin 52 Cleveland CBX2 Full Face 58 $95 shipped each or $270 shipped for all 3. SOLD
  11. C-Taper 120 stiff in my irons, and S400 shafts in my wedges
  12. These courses have no match...it was the worst feeling in the world driving away from the resort.
  13. The Kuro Kage XT has a VERY similar EI Profile curve to the Ventus Red. Another similar shaft will be the Atmos tour spec blue.
  14. Thanks guys - I will keep the 60 in the bag.
  15. My first Bandon trip is next week - should I leave the 60 degree lob wedge at home? I've got a driving iron I could swap in. I dont want to carry extra clubs if that high loft isnt needed!
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