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  1. Interesting comment. I'm curious to know the five Florida courses you think are the most similar to Streamsong from a design perspective. Which Florida courses have the most comparable greens, turf, dunes and strategic playing options? If cost wasnt a factor, what are your five favorite Florida public courses? Thanks I'm curious as well. Making an random observation without having the ability to back it up, pretty much negates said observation.
  2. can't wait for next months "Adopt a Meal". 4 members will be asked to volunteer each day to bring food from their own houses, and cook it at the club for everyone to enjoy.
  3. While I'm not exactly a fan of the Norman design team, I find "bunkers in the middle if fairways" to be a fairly weak criticism. Centerline or cross bunkers can add variety and make the course more strategic. If you find you've hit a "perfect shot" and you're now in a bunker in the middle of the fairway, it wasn't actually a perfect shot. The center of the fairway isn't nor shouldn't always be the best place to play from. Pull up any top 100 world list and I'll point out to you all the ones that have bunkers in the middle of fairways Golf is played down the middle of the fairway. Hooks
  4. If you don't want to get paired up with someone at a public course you should go ahead and buy out the entire tee time.
  5. First go to this website https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl and type in "car rental in inverness scotland", then click search. Next, read this thread http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1298928-how-to-play-the-old-course-with-no-tee-time/
  6. There are literally zero links courses in California. In reality there are only a handful of links courses in North America and most of them are in Oregon.
  7. It seems as though anytime i hear a compliment of Nairn its about the greens, and not the course. In reality the greens are very nice, but most of which are flat and not all that exciting. If you're traveling to Scotland to golf playing Nairn because of its "smooth" greens just doesn't make much sense to me. It's a beautiful place to play a round (especially at the end of the day), but where are the good holes? Seriously, name one good or even memorable hole with the exception of that fun/wacky downhill par 3. Lots of other more worth your time places. Also, If you go to Dornoch, but d
  8. No idea when it opens (work hasn't even started yet), but i can promise you it won't be open for your trip in November. Unlikely to be open for your trip next november either.
  9. I find it much more offensive that McDonalds refers to their product as "food".
  10. Don't overthink it. Just call them and book something with beds. Chances are(unless you're booking 18 months out) that not every option will be available anyway.
  11. I'm just impressed that you've managed to find a way to bring up how you've played Shinneock, Winged Foot, Pebble, Bethpage Black, and then Oak Hill, and Pine Valley all in a thread about Streamsong! Cheers to the very active, passive brag.
  12. I'm not sure where this idea came from, but you can absolutely request specific caddies almost everywhere you go and you don't have to be a +4 Secretary of State to do it. Nearly all public and private courses I've played have allowed me to request a specific caddie, and have done their best to accommodate my request. Caddies, mostly as independent contractors, have the right to refuse any request. That being said there aren't many caddies that like to sit around in the shack and turn down loops until they get one that they approve of. Most caddies (even the best and most famous ones) don't
  13. Honestly, its probably one of the cheaper things you can do in Vegas, so you should probably go for it. Unless you're freaking out about the $500 +caddie+limo driver tip, you're unlikely to regret it. Play it as soon as you can, as I wouldn't been surprised if shadow creek wasn't there for your 65th birthday.
  14. I don't know what it is about WRX and people who are obsessed with driving ranges. You hear stuff like "the practice facilities were first class" and "I could spend all day on the range" all time time here. Seriously, who cares about driving ranges? So what if the range is short or you have to hit balls that don't go as far. So what if you have to hit off a mat into a lake. I couldn't care less what a courses range looks like. In the odd event that I do use the range I use it to warm up. It doesn't matter to me if I'm hitting into a net, all I'm trying to do is get warm. Several of the
  15. Renaissance is the 3rd best course in the area behind the two that you're already playing. Its one of the more private courses in Scotland, but you can get on by contacting them about their "one time experience". Its different and expensive, but its worth it. Gullane 1 is cool, but there aren't many great holes. I still think its worth your time to play, just to get on top of that hill. The best part of G1 is getting to the top of the hill and looking at Muirfield. Seriously though, if you have time take a walk up the hill without your clubs.
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