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  1. What is your current gamer putter? Belicoso with lots of lead tape How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? Distance control What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? 11s @35 w/ Superstroke Flatso If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes!
  2. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? Large leftWhat is your current golf glove? Titleist perma softHow often do you replace your current glove? 60 days topsWhat would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Durability in the thumb and stronger seams.
  3. Favorite headcover? USA Lucky Clover SetWhat accessory would you customize? Alignment stick coverWhat prize do you want to win? USA Lucky Clover Set
  4. I like the way it frames the ball in contrast. Black / gunmetal are too stark for me, chrome too shiny, rusty just right. Yes there is definitely a novelty to it. Does it soften feel? Nah
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