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  1. First mistake is going to topgolf. I'm convinced their oddly weighted sensor golf balls are club killers
  2. Ugly af. Total bastardization. This is everything that is wrong with the golf equipment release cycles.
  3. Curious to hear more, almost certain I'm going *19 / smoke combo as well.
  4. Loving the look of this new exs driver, so clean. Can't wait to hit it.
  5. Another vote for TV cord midsize *just in case the golf pride guys happen to see this thread
  6. Great photos. Was Phil gaming his old blade putter? Couldn't tell on tv, apologies if someone already discussed this elsewhere.
  7. I was expecting something totally different when I clicked on the hula girl pics link...
  8. Good lookin club indeed. Cleveland's gotta do something about their naming conventions though... Launcher Turbo just feels so hacky
  9. > @Lenny2 said: > > > Curious about this too, anyone?
  10. What's the deal with the Sanderson photos? Tried removing cookies and cache like others... nothing. One of the best features of this site are the Monday through Wednesday tournament photos. Is wrx going belly up?
  11. > @mn44 said: > I know it's partly due to the angle, but that ball position on driver is quite far back in his stance. Interesting. I know for a fact he'll move the ball around between middle of stance as well as off his heel with driver, not to mention tee'd down to promote a low squeeze fade. Not 100% angle. One of the many dimensions in his seemingly endless pantheon of swing adaptations.
  12. Great photos. That putter is so pure. Lead tape indeed
  13. > @Gehly said: > > @ffohcyaw said: > > Who'll be the first to say lead tape on the bottom... > > uh, there's no tape on the bottom...just finish worn on the sole yes I know that, riffing off a Mark O'Meara post
  14. Who'll be the first to say lead tape on the bottom...
  15. So much for changing your wedges out every 75 rounds... I like his style.
  16. Super Stroke Flatso on what looks to be a 7 or 8 iron? Did Bryson Dechambeau get into AP's bag?
  17. I thought I saw that too... Looked Bettinardi-ish.. and blackI believe it was a piretti. Yep definitely saw a black piretti on a replay after Brooks putt on 16? I hink it was just a camera replay issue. Saw the Button Back otherwise. Glad I wasn't the only one who saw Good call - I wondered if it was a TV feed thing... Any idea who's piretti that was? Thing looked so pure
  18. My college golf gamer, now back in the bag for hacking around amateur tournaments, new grip today:
  19. Wilson Arnold Palmer Blade - This was my late father's putter used in college, playing for University of Iowa Golf, and then Q school attempts.
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