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  1. Any idea what the symbol is on Davis fairway headcover?
  2. City, State? Royal Oak MI 1. Handicap? 10 2. Current hybrid? Cobra FX7 (3) & Baffler (5) 3. What is important to you in a hybrid? High launch, shot dispersion 4. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? I've never found hybrids better than the two I have (both older Cobras). For me, they're the best5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. What an eclectic set of sticks. Is this his first year using Miura? LOVE that putter!
  4. Tremendous college & amateur career. Wonder if he'd still be on tour if his last name weren't Uihlein
  5. I thought Cantlay was using the new Scotty grip at Caves Valley?
  6. 1. City, State: Royal Oak, Michigan2. Handicap: 83. What do you use for distances on the course? Laser 4. If you use a laser rangefinder, what model do you use? Bushnell V5 (without slope)5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  7. Wonder: did his game start to slide around the time of his marriage?
  8. Down to my last 2 OG 60s, one in the bag and the other under lock and key in the basement. I prefer the Glide 3.0 56 for sand, but the PM 60 seldom fails to peform elsewhere. Never cared for the sole on the 19 model.
  9. What he said. Around the time of the John 3:16 guy with the fright wig
  10. Posted March 22 (edited) In a post below, answer the following questions. 1. Royal Oak, Michigan 2. 8 3. Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 4. #7 5. Yes 6. Yes
  11. Maybe he's helping sell some Puma, but I don't see him doing anything for Cobra (especially with his TP ads). He is over-exposed with all his other promos -- Rocket, Farmers, etc. Butch reourtedly asked him a few years ago if he wanted to be a great golfer or a Kardashian. It's clear which path he's chosen. I think he's a great young man and fun to watch, but he is lost. I thought Faldo hit the mark when he Tweeted that missing the Masters would allow Rick to shoot more commercials. Nasty but true
  12. Ooooh baby baby!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a new 5 and 11 to see which is more wonderful
  13. Always love your photos, Greg. Fascinating to see what the pros are using.
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