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  1. Played 9 this morning with my MP33 w/ DG300. I really liked the clubs / shafts, particularly in mid to short irons. The weight / stiffness allows me to take a much more aggressive swing and not fear the ball going left. If anything, I have to be aggressive or I lose it slightly right (a much better miss, in my opinion). Interestingly, I also seemed to hit the ball farther (e.g., 175 yard 7 iron vs. 165-170 with Apex Pro) despite 2 degrees difference in loft. I am going to play again tomorrow with the MP33s to see what happens / get a larger sample size, but I do think a heavier / stiffer shaft may have some merit, even if it's quite different than what I've been playing.
  2. Personally, I can't stand it when someone is behind me and clearly playing faster than me. It stresses me out and makes me feel like I need to play faster, even if I'm playing plenty fast. As a result, if there is space in front of me, I will let anyone play through. As for why people don't let others play through, there are many reason: 1) Lack of awareness of what proper pace of play is 2) Ego 3) Perception that playing through somehow disadvantages them personally 4) An understanding that the person playing through would have nowhere to go Unfortunately, I think it's more likely to be 1-3 vs. 4.
  3. And honestly, if you have an ok technique, the result is never THAT bad as long as you are committed. It gets really bad when you get nervous and do something unnatural, which leads to a truly bad shot (e.g., leaving the ball at you feet, blading it, etc.) I've watched a good friend struggle with chipping for years cause he overthinks everything. His technique isn't perfect, but if he just went with what he has, he'd be ok at worst. He's capable of hitting the shots, but he's head case with a wedge in hand.
  4. This is incredibly important. I'd argue being committed in the short game is arguable more important than any other type of shot. When I'm confident in my chipping, the results are exponentially better than if I'm unsure. Confidence comes from practice though, so it's somewhat of a chicken and then egg type thing to some extent.
  5. I play Apex Pros. I hit my 7 iron 165-170, depending on the temp / weather / how well I'm swing. Driver swing speed is just south of 110. Of course I'd like to hit it further, but direction is more important to me at this point. I have a relatively smooth tempo. Don't think I have a particularly rapid transition. I play a Mizuno MP 59 3 iron at the top of the bag with an S300 shaft. I like the feel of it better than my 4 iron and swing it quite well. Ball flight is more consistent and I don't fight it left quite as much (could be the head though...). I do also have a set of MP33 with S300, but I've played those maybe a handful of times because they're quite worn. When I say it's a big light, I mean sometimes I can't feel the swing / head as much as I'd like to. The shaft also doesn't "load" as well (although I don't know if this is the right term). This is probably most noticeable when comparing 3 to 4 or my pitching wedge to 50 degree (also a heavier shaft).
  6. Nippon NS Pro 850GH, stiff. Ball flight is probably a bit high and the shaft feels a bit light. Relative to other shafts I've tried (e.g., Modus) seems to be a bit more likely to go left, but that could be entirely anecdotal. Essentially, I want some that gives me a bit more of a feel / control. I have no intention of throwing blind faith in anyone, which is why I started this post. I'll certainly be doing plenty of research before pulling the trigger.
  7. No - I have no idea. I bought a used set off the rack cause it felt good, but I've never been fit for irons and have no clue what is or isn't the best shaft for me. This will be my first real investment in irons, so want to pair it with the right shafts. I've become low single digit via the dirt (or more appropriately, crappy range matts), not technology.
  8. Thanks. Both look great. Any grass options?
  9. Anyone have any advice on a good fitter in SoCal? I'm in LA area, but no qualms with driving a few hours for someone who really knows the trade. Also - I recently purchased a set of "custom" irons / wedges that will come without the shaft (as you would expect). Maybe a stupid question, but how exactly does someone get fit in this situation? Do you pick a similar head and test shafts with that and hope it works with the other set? Are there adapters that work for any type of club? I've only fit for drivers before, so not super familiar with the process. Thanks in advance.
  10. 73. Best I've hit the ball in a while. Greens were aerated so didn't make any putts. Could have been at least a few strokes lower with pure greens. Fun day.
  11. I played at Encino. I have a tee time at Rustic tomorrow, so looking forward to some "real" golf
  12. I'm in the LA area and experienced this same thing this morning. I honestly don't know what to do when it comes to these bunkers. I am not a great bunker player, but I am decent. However, when in some of the bunkers around here, I may as well just treat them as a hazard. They haven't been raked since COVID started, there is no sand, you name it. I don't want to take a drop cause I want to "play it as it lies", but I also realize a bunker is not meant to be this penal (generally speaking...). I've gotten better over time and can at least get out / guarantee a bogey 99% of the time, but it's so frustrating. I honestly find myself scoring better differentials at harder courses because of these types of anomalies at the garbage LA courses. I can play out of sand with a good chance to make par, have clean lies for chips, etc.. My game can actually present itself rather than being limited by continual trash conditions. End rant
  13. Take a shorter swing? Feel 3/4 length. Will still be plenty long, and I doubt you'll lose much distance. Might even gain some if you are sync'd up better.
  14. Taking this away from the rules for a second - how could this happen twice in one round? What are the odds of that? I have personally never seen this happen and have played thousands of rounds of golf, which leads me to believe the odds are incredibly low. There are three explanations in my mind: 1) Crazy odds. Buy a lotto ticket ASAP 2) Some issue with how the course is maintaining the flag sticks 3) Your opponent is a diabolical genius and somehow did this on purpose 2 and 3 seem most likely. If there is any chance 3 seems possible to you, don't play them for money any more...
  15. Went to the range and hit ~130 balls. Trying to work out my one major swing issue, and it's a pain. Still can't really feel it, so lots of video and trial and error. It's funny because I've made so many changes over the years, but just can't get rid of this one. Will have to keep chipping away. Once I do, I think large improvements can be unlocked.
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