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  1. How strong is your grip? If you have a really strong left hand, it's going to be challenging to not at least have some cup at the top. See Webb Simpson. Otherwise, change is hard. You are going to have to change your feels through thousands of slow motion swings that focus on this one issue. You will also need to video yourself regularly to make sure what you are feeling is actually happening.
  2. 84 in our city tourney, which was my first tournament since high school. Played pretty well through 12 considering I was nervous (I was 2 over) and then complete blow up on 13 and 14. 13 resulted from somehow nuking a 5 iron and having to take an unplayable / then a 3 putt. It apparently shook me as I hit the worse drive of my life on 14 and proceeded to butcher that hole entirely. From that point on my driver was gone (duck hook everywhere), so it was just a matter of hanging on. Still a fun day, but wish I could have held it together a bit better.
  3. They're definitely a bit longer on those "long" days, but the difference isn't nearly as pronounced with other clubs. Probably similar as a % of distance when I think about it, but in absolute terms it's not nearly as noticeable.
  4. Sounds like I may be underestimating the impact of conditions, warm up, etc. Good to know going forward.
  5. This could definitely be a factor. I generally play in the AM with little warm up, but Saturday I played after a solid warm up and was swinging free by the time I reached the tee box. Unfortunately, given local course dynamics (e.g., pace of play), doubt playing in the afternoon will become a regular endeavor. May need to find a way to be more awake / limber when tee'ing off in darkness...
  6. Total distance. Roll certainly factors into the difference, but I would venture to say, based on feel, ball flight, etc. on the longer days, roll isn't the only culprit.
  7. Recently, I've found that my driver distances swing wildly by round. For instance, on Saturday I hit 7 drives over 300 yards per my Arccos, with some over 320, most of which were incredibly straight. Yesterday, I couldn't hit a drive 275 and many were wild. This was a pretty extreme example, but I have been noticing how day by day I have zero consistency distance-wise with my driver. I'm certain some of it is based on conditions - Saturday was an afternoon round, it was hot and there was some helping wind whereas Sunday was at 5am, much cooler, damp, etc. - but I'm skeptical that's the entire
  8. I put these in play for the first time today. All I can say is wow and/or WTF. Every shot was at least a club longer than normal compared to the TP5X I usually play. This was great in some cases and troublesome in others. More thoughts by club type below: Driver - This is somewhat complicated by the fact I made some changes to my set up that allow me to hit more up on the ball (e.g., positive angle of attack), but even with that, I have to say "OMG". Per my Arccos, I hit 5+ drives over 300+ yards, some over 320. I have never hit the ball that far. The ball just launched high and st
  9. I would suggest finding a happy medium between practicing and playing. If you want to get better and are a high handicapper, it likely means you have meaningful deficiencies in your swing, and the only way to overcome these deficiencies is quality range time (see more on that below). That said, you can't get better at scoring, which is the real goal of golf without playing. Find the happy medium (i.e., range twice a week and play 18 once a week or whatever works best for your schedule) and you should be able to progress effectively. As for practice, the goal should be to have a cl
  10. dvq9654

    Mizuno MP60

    I play an MP60 3 iron at the top of my bag, and I love it. It's so pure when struck well, and much more forgiving than my MP33s (a second set I rarely use). Surprisingly long too. You'll definitely be happy with these.
  11. dvq9654

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Thanks - did you take you current set to the fitter and use that data to inform the shaft? Or, the demos and use that data? Maybe a dumb question, but just curious how you worked through it.
  12. I like watching Jake's videos and they're often informative, but his thoughts on lack of arm movement make no sense to me and are the exact opposite of the feels that have helped me improve my game. Trying to speed up the arms with back to target has been a huge success for me, resulting in better contact, more distance and less dispersion. Also - if you're not using your arms, how can you generate any power? There is no way you can generate club head speed by simply moving your trunk. I'm sure he's using this as a concept / feel and it may work for some, but it doesn't work for m
  13. dvq9654

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Ordered a demo set of the 639 MB / CB irons in stiff flex. They're arriving today. Pretty excited to try them out. One question for those who have purchased - how did you go about selecting shafts? I know what I play now in my irons and I like them, but they weren't fitted to me, so I wonder if there is something better out there especially after going through a driver fitting which was pretty eye opening. Any suggestion on how to fit myself or leverage another fitting to make sure I'm getting the most out of these clubs should I decide to purchase? Thanks in advance.
  14. Got fitted for a new driver last week, but Titleist won out, so still at 4 brands. Also checked and my 3 Iron is a MP60, not MP59
  15. I'm a big believer that playing golf is necessary to be a better golfer. You can't practice every shot you're going to hit on the range / practice facility, and playing good golf involves strategy, consistency, etc., which are often challenging to recreate on a range. That said, you'll hit a ceiling only playing on the course. Even the smallest change is challenging to implement on the course, let alone a wholesale change that may be required to go from shooting in the 80s to 70s. If you're ok with where you are and have more fun playing, more power to you, but if you actually want
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