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  1. Hey I see these are sold! I’m up in Saskatoon and looking for a set of LH irons ping or cally. Let me know if you might have a lead on any 4-PW S or X flex
  2. Have a set 3-PW Nike Vapor Pro Blades, used one season with Nippon X Flex prototype shafts, spine aligned w/ CP2 midsize grips. I am in Canada as well
  3. What tip is in the nippons? I have a set of 714 AP2 4-GW interested in the shafts ( If the tip will work are you willing to ship to Canada? Thinking of maybe soft stepping then once. Not a huge of the PXi 6.0 in them now
  4. Since my season is winding down in Canada. Any interest in 714 AP2 4-PW with AP2 GW PXi 6.0 shafts throughout
  5. Those shafts are tempting but undecided on newer irons for next year..... Any chance u still have the heads?
  6. I know this is an old topic. Curious if the epic is still available and proce
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