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  1. my partners tease me that my clubs belong in a museum.... I've used them since the 1980's. However I have put away the 1 and 3 irons for 5 wood and 4 hybrid. Still love the brown patina :) Anyone else who won't switch to new technology?
  2. ping eye 2 beryllium copper irons 2- SW ================= TM R7 quad Slotline Laser putter
  3. My friend had a set of pings like the photo from Augustgolf. K-1 ? ? fyi: For the past 35+ years I've been playing with ping eye 2 beryllium copper (black dot, 1- SW) The 1 & 3 irons have been replaced by Callaway 4 hybrid. added Titleist 52 & 60* wedges. 67 YO, 22 handicap, play twice a month. I have no desire to change irons. maybe a driver, though..... ;)
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