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  1. For my feet, I went ECCO and wonder why I didn't discover earlier; J Lindeberg pants; very comfortable and look good Linksoul shorts; again comfort is everything Cashmere hoodies on the course; light and warm
  2. Buddy is a member at The Reserve and have had the privilege of playing about 6 rounds there the past couple of years. Great conditions; beautiful settings, wonderful staff. I personally love the course.
  3. I'm right there with you, SS is about 93-95, I'm currently 58 and an 8.6. I've gamed the RX and RXS exclusively for the last 2 yrs; great distance (I played Volvik for a while and have played PV1s) and I think the RX/RXS engineering comes through. Spin and hold is excellent with the understanding I don't hit hard enough to generate enough spin to back ball up usually. Feel is outstanding on the green (use a Scotty Newport 2). I hope they work for you.
  4. What is point of a polo collar anyways? Seriously why? Clothes are functional. Dress code is just a way to make judgments on someone based on preconceived stereotypes. Go to a poor church with no dress code, are they more unruly than a metro Episcopal church? No but assumptions are made based on dress.
  5. I’m a sneakerhead who discovered ECCO this year. So we’ll made and fantastic comfort. Hope they work for you.
  6. Pure grips; soft, nice color palette, made in USA
  7. All I know is that he gave someone like me (opposite of a club ho) the opportunity to buy his clubs at a reasonable price and incrementally hooked me so that now I have D, 3W and 5-GW PXGs in my bag (just hit my irons and they are soft, solid and feel better than my old forged Mizunos).
  8. What's cool is birdie. I could care less about what was used to make the 3, did you make a 3 is the most meaningful IMHO. The chances of seeing someone slice the driver 180 and into the trees with that new driver with the $500 special Aldila shaft is 10X greater than seeing the +1 player (or any single digit) using it.
  9. First I got the Gen 4 driver because of the insane August pricing; found it so consistent, with me staring at my 4W like it was a disobedient son I pulled the trigger on the PXG Gen4 3W and its given me the confidence to go for the Par 5s rather than laying up; Finally, since those 2 clubs were so sweet, I just received my first new set of irons in about 20 yrs (Mizuno MX23s, buttery), the Gen 3 0311Ps and they look and feel sweet! So Bob's insane pricing did the trick on me, I got a new set for the first time ever.
  10. Ah man, just ordered some 0311Ps a few days ago.
  11. I'm a 8.2 and still gaming my Mizuno MX-23s from 10 yrs ago (although I just ordered a set of PXG Gen 3 0311Ps). Have always enjoyed the feel of them, soft, and the light weight of the graphite shafts. As for hybrids, I go 3&4H because those shafts match my driver shaft. Good luck on your choice.
  12. Lessons; I'm a huge proponent of "its the Indian, not the arrow (admittedly not PC)"
  13. I couldn’t resist the price on Gen 3 0311P so just ordered a set yesterday. Great customer service, realized had wrong shafts and called. Got real person in 2 mins and e-mail confirmation of change in 10. Stoked.
  14. qtlaw

    Cobra drivers

    For me, I was gaming my Amp Cell for 4 yrs and have loved it; but jumped on the PXG sale in August for the Gen 4 driver just for kicks and have found its got tighter shot dispersion and goes about 10+, so I'm happy.
  15. I got mine for 299, I was hitting an AMP cell very consistently and rarely off line but just thought I’d try something after 5 yrs. Gen 4 is more muted sound but shot dispersion is much tighter and a bit more distance so I’m extremely happy (just bought 3W too)
  16. Pure, Made in USA, surprisingly durable, lasted more than a year.
  17. I got in on the August special and picked up a driver, my first in 5 yrs (Cobra Amp was my gamer) and got it 5 days after ordering. The Gen 4 X has a more muted sound than the Amp but the shot dispersion seems tighter and runs out a little more (95 ss, 8.2 index, carry about 200). I don't think PXG is going out of business, just trying to increase market share; give people a taste of the product, then pull back discounts.
  18. I've been playing the MX23s for at least 10 yrs and they still feel fantastic.
  19. I've been hitting my Cobra Amp with stock Fujikara shaft for 4 yrs and love it. Only new stick since then was a Scotty Newport 2. Wasn't looking for any change then saw the Aug sale for PXG drivers so for $299 what the heck (but didn't see the $30 shipping). Got to say, ordered Friday, got today and the packaging was excellent, double boxed for just the driver. Yes I was thinking that PXG was a premium brand based on earlier prices but $299 for a 2021 tech club was worth a shot. We'll see this weekend. PXG has discounted prices (which will lead to lowering price expectations in future) but its not like when Hogan irons went from the premium brand to the "name" brand at some discount place like KMart (that happened right?)
  20. Ordered GEN4X on Friday, shipped Monday, received here in CA today. Lucky that I'm close to AZ. Taking it out tomorrow. Riptide shaft feels really light.
  21. I love golf shoes and used to walk a lot; nothing is better than the ECCO S-Three (I've got Jordans, Air Max 97s, TWs).
  22. I recently put on my original FJ Classics (all white, full leather upper, full leather sole); I couldn't believe that I actually would walk 18 lugging my bag and wearing them. No wonder my feet were killing me 25 yrs ago. They're nice to look at but that's it.
  23. I do two things that might affect others, I enjoy cigars and I enjoy listening to music during a round (usually mellow 70's for a nice easy rhythm); on the 1st tee I ask those I have not played with before (if any) if either bothers them. 99.9% they (1) enjoy smell of cigar and (2) don't mind music. If they state a preference, I don't do it. Its not that hard. BTW, I don't play music so loud that those outside of my foursome can hear it.
  24. Discovered LinkSoul boardwalkers (?) this year, great, comfortable shorts.
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