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  1. I would pay buy some old weights off of Craigslist for $500, and then pay someone $2500 to make a lifting montage video of me (like Bryson). Use the video to get views, use my own money to make low-effort golf content and a paid Paige Spiranac instagram feature, get noticed by Bryson and join his crew, and then hopefully I have enough followers to quit my job and be a full-time golfer.
  2. That's definitely food for thought. My instinct says I would like a softer feel, but I also like how the ball reacts to the face of the one I have. What are the tradeoffs? Smooth milling = more speed off the face, deep milling = straighter roll?
  3. I guess I lucked out, I got mine in 7th grade when I started playing golf seriously and never had time or money to explore the newer ones. I had a cheaper Nike Method before that and those are the only two putters I've ever owned. I don't regret getting rid of the Nike I've read good things about my model in other places on here, and it makes me consider just buying two of the same putter for an insurance policy! The only Camerons I can test are the ones in stores now.
  4. Looking for these Ping headcovers that they released for the Masters this year. Looking for a fairway wood and hybrid headcover! Thanks.
  5. Not necessarily, it's a visual thing. I square the club up fine with my NP2 and prefer the blade look, but going from a 33" to 35" shaft is probably what's going to help my putting and it's my main motivation for sending it in. I like the contour shafts on the models I mentioned and the head shapes are pleasing, I mainly want to experiment with a different putter while my NP2 is gone.
  6. If I were the reporter, I'd have baited him with a question like "It looks like it could be a Newport to me, does that sound familiar?". If he can't fight the urge to make her sound dumb, she can ask why he knows the name of Scotty Cameron models but not his own sponsors. The entire exchange is just awkward though.
  7. I'm considering sending my 2010 Newport 2 to the Custom Shop for a long overdue shaft change and some custom stamps, and thinking about getting another Cameron to play around with while it's gone. I considered getting GoLo 3 back in the day because I liked the shape and the view of the contour, so I'm thinking about the Del Mar. I'm also thinking about an older Newport 2.5 too. It's hard to get a feel for what putter faces were good and bad between 2012-2021. It seems like a lot of people prefer the older putters than the newer ones, so I'm guessing the inserts weren't very good or
  8. A good amount of pros use their home simulators. I think Spieth, Day, Rahm, and Woodland do to name a few, but their models start at $39,000! I'm sure they can get a radar LM right based on their reputation, but you never know since it's their first take on it.
  9. Convince yourself that the LST looks better, because it definitely sounds better! At least in the 3 wood, I'm not crazy about the LST driver sound unless it's absolutely flushed.
  10. My understanding is that the camera is only to capture swing footage. It's definitely going to be a radar system since it has intended outdoor use, so there's a chance it could hit or miss since they specialized in camera-based simulators. They already have a successful brand, and now Tiger. I hope they're working out the bugs and it's not a product that needs multiple software updates to get right since they've branded themselves as top-tier products. Maybe it's as capable as the $10,000 units (minus the less-important data) and they start low to gain market share, or maybe you en
  11. I'm looking at replacing my 2015 Titleist Stadry stand bag with a cart bag. They're everything I want, but I tend to keep my alignment sticks + orange whip + superspeed speed sticks in the bag and don't know if a 14 or 15 way divider cart bag would play well with that. Anybody else carry similar items and have a cart bag that gets the job done?
  12. I’m replacing my AP2 712s soon. I almost picked up a set of 718s, but my opinion of the T100 changed drastically after seeing them in person. The finish and head shapes are awesome, and the view at setup is way better than my AP2s! I’m holding out to see the new gen since we should get some info in a few weeks at Torrey.
  13. I was fitted a few weeks ago by the biggest Titleist fitter in my state to replace my AP2 712s I’ve had for 10 years, he said that Titleist irons would be released in early summer and to hold off on buying if that’s something I’d want to see before I order. I guess we’ll see in due time since everybody has heard a little bit of everything.
  14. [quote name='ezpz' timestamp='1431330778' post='11536500'] what issue in your ballflight or striking would you like to address by changing this? [/quote] I'd like to see more consistency in my shots instead of my usual miss which is pushing it a little right. I feel like if I can stabilize my left foot instead of rolling it onto the side, I can eliminate movement and have a more accuraracy. [quote name='BKN1964' timestamp='1431341376' post='11536628'] I took a series of lessons last spring from a guy who's been teaching a long time. When I told him I was having trouble following through
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