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  1. I love my Peter Millar Hyperlight 1/2 zip hoodie, the top is more water proof but it's warm and comfy. Also a little pricey. I snagged one of the new FJ hoodies and it's awesome to wear on and off the golf course!
  2. I hit my first hole in 1 two weeks ago during my 2nd round with my ZX7s, it was with PW. It's definitely the irons! I couldn't be happier with these clubs. I was surprised to end up with a Srixon but man they are great looking and feeling. Luckily only had to wait 10 days between order and delivery too for anyone wondering. I had PX LZ 6.5s put in.
  3. Lol I love when people use the word hater It's objectively the truth, PXG has stock because they're unpopular or overpriced...welcome to reality!
  4. Would love to see a shallower face milling like the 2008-10 Studio Select, but it's probably unlikely because it seems like some tour guys like the current milling on the Special Select line.
  5. While I think the i59 prices are nuts, I don't think PXG having a firesale is a fair way to criticize Ping pricing. PXG's pricing is all hype, they'll probably be featured in a Talladega Nights 2 commercial. No non-sponsored golf pro felt compelled to put their $5000+ bag into play. Not sure if Ping will see any non-sponsored players put them into play, but the odds are probably higher than PXG irons. Ping patrons still have the i210 which might be the best bang for buck players iron ever, coming from a Titleist/Mizuno/Srixon guy.
  6. 2* strong or 2* weak? I'm going to assume weak since the T200 7i is 31* and the i200 is 33*. It really shouldn't change much, they will launch like a 33* iron would. Fundamentally, you'll be losing a little bit of offset and 2* of bounce. Unless you play on extremely firm turf I doubt you'd notice any difference!
  7. It might have just been the 7 iron playing tricks on my mind. ZX7 was more forgiving for me the more I looked at the data, even though the T100 was close. I pulled the trigger on the ZX7s after hitting them again and actually got my set in yesterday since they had my shafts! Topline isn't chunky at all now that I've seen the full set, just not as thin as the T100. I did a lot of overthinking, lots of people on here seem to think the ZX7 is better for the digger and T100 is better for those who have a shallower AOA. I'm the latter but find the ZX7 vt sole is great through the turf. Distance consistency was good and hopefully with better ball-striking I'll get the spin rates up. The face is butter, it might be confirmation bias but I think it feels better than my AP2s and the 921 tours I was testing too. What swung me was the blended lofts where the PW ends up at 46* like the T100 so I still have consistent gaps at the bottom of the set and can take easier swings with the longer irons. I had a 5 year break from golf during college but my swing will hopefully come around with the coach I'm working with. It's tough picking clubs right now...I can't fathom clubs getting much better than the options we have now from every manufacturer! It doesn't make it easy on us gear junkies.
  8. I would lean towards the idea of bending the pitching wedge. Right now, distance control with my wedges is my weak point so I'm carrying pw, 50, 54 bent to 55, and a 60! My PW is 46* though so the distances work out. Once I sort my distance control out, I'll probably drop the 50* and have a 54* and 60* to make room for a 2i. Let us know what you end up doing!
  9. How is your distance control with your GW and 54*? How often are you hitting full or half wedges into greens? If you can hit control your distances well, I'd opt for the higher lofted wedge combination for versatility around the greens. A few unlisted options are having your PW bent to 45* and then having a 50*, 54* bent to 55*, and 60*, or a set with 48*, 54*, 60*
  10. Was able to hit these yesterday...I was blown away as they were awesome. The hosel/heel transition wasn't as noticeable to me as the toe shape was. Very forgiving for the small profile of the club and that's the biggest takeaway for me, I'm surprised that some of the tour guys have iBlade in the 4, 5, or 6 but maybe they generate enough spin to hold those clubs on a green. I love the look of blades but still need a little help. It sounded a like a dull click compared to some of the clubs I've recently tested, but it felt great. If I was blindfolded I couldn't tell if it was the i210 or i59 on a center face strike. I would consider these, but the price is the deal killer since I'm replacing the entire bag right now. There are cheaper (as if $1100+ is cheap) irons that will elevate my game the same these would. You won't be disappointed in them if you buy them though! The cool kids these days are playing PING for a reason.
  11. No info from me, but the special select face milling seem to be getting some use on Tour so maybe they’ll stick with that for another cycle. I’d love to see a Newport 1.5 again, but I also a more shallow face milling and I never get what I want.
  12. That's what the pragmatic golfer who takes hybrid or 2i off most tee boxes in me says too. I try to leave myself 100-130 when possible to avoid half shots and rarely hitting irons from 190+. Planning to play some tournaments next year but it's hard to convince my friends to play the tips these days. I think in the bigger picture, I'm realizing that there aren't many iron sets that are aimed at guys who hit it long but still want a little bit of forgiveness + workability. A lot of better player irons are being delofted in chase of ball speed...maybe I'm in the minority on this because everybody wants a little bit more distance right now it seems.
  13. Taking lessons right now and fighting some long-term early extension that I never cured back in HS golf on top of shortening the backswing. I've been working on my a lot wedge game for a month or so and it's gotten better. Also ordered a new set of wedges that fill distance gaps better with the shafts my irons were fitted in too... Gut tells me Srixons even though they aren't as nice to look at and hopefully ball striking will bring the spin up.
  14. IMO the ZX7s performed a lot better on mishits in regards to ballspeed and ball flight. I would say it was noticeably more forgiving (not to imply that the T100 isn't forgiving, just not as much as the ZX7s to me). Right now I'm hitting 712 AP2s and my 7i (35*) is my 175 club. The T100 7i is 34*, and the ZX7 or T100s are both 32*. The distances are the averages as well. The fitter thought the ZX7s were better for me because of distance and mishit performance. My personal thoughts are that the ZX7s are a bit chunky from the top compared to what I have now, and the eyes are great at lying to you. The spin is a bit lower than I'd like for a 7i and that I'd make my wedge game more demanding for myself. Then again, the ZX7s lofts are progressive to where the PW is 46* just like the T100, and the ZX7 9i is 41* compared to the T100 being 42*. Shaft wise, I was fitted into the PX LZ 6.5s which isn't stock in either head but is stock in the T100s which I'm least interested in between the two. I'm not too concerned when they'll get here since I'm practicing more than I'm playing.
  15. No, that’s why I’m confused on which direction to go. ZX7 was really consistent distance-wise, forgiving, and had great ball flight. I just don’t know if the extra distance that comes with them is something that would disrupt my game. The worst part of my game is 30-90 yards right now and having to hit more half shots because I’m carrying a PW 145 doesn’t sit well with me! T100 spun more and flew a little bit less, and was slightly less forgiving on low face shots. IMO it was outperformed by the Srixon’s but it fills my gaps better.
  16. The ball actually launched well, I had a 50* descent angle and was averaging 5700 RPM on 130ish mph ball speed. I tend to have a higher ball flight though!
  17. I had an iron fitting today and am having a hard time deciding which should take priority. I was fitted into the ZX7s, and while they were awesome, the lofts are pretty low and they go a mile. I'm not sure that hitting a 186 yard 7 iron is a good thing? I loved the T100 too. While it didn't go as far (178) and lacked a tad bit of forgiveness, the look at address + offset + turf interaction is money. Shot dispersion was pretty good with both, a little bit better with the T100 but the ZX7s were within a 2 yard radius. At what point does distance become a bad thing? And at what point do I just need to close my laptop and trust my fitter?
  18. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? Yes, Blue 6-X, Black 6-X, and Blue 7-X - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6-TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Tsi3 all day long!
  19. Had a chance to hit the T100, T100s, and T200 today during a fitting. The face feels great and the sound is exactly what I was hoping for. The offset is better than the previous T100 IMO, and for how small the blade was I still had a lot of ball speed on mishits. I liked the T200 for a 4i but the lofts are too far off. The T100/s still have a lot of oomf on the mishits, I was most surprised by this coming from 712 AP2s that aren’t as forgiving as the T100 were.
  20. Bryson is so good, why can’t any company make a driver good enough for him? I thought he went from 175 -> 240 because he couldn’t hit fairways and would rather hit it farther, but now he wants to hit fairways? Good luck trying to Uno Reverse those 65 pounds
  21. Bryson and PXG marketing are the same thing, this is a no brainer for both parties.
  22. I’m going to give that a try later today, but I already like the sound of it!
  23. So I’m trying to finally address my early extension problem and stop myself from flipping my hands and losing my speed once and for all… All of the early extension fix videos assume that the golfer has rotation problems from the top of the back swing, and that’s not me. From the top of the backswing, I hit P5 no problem. Going into P6, my hips and chest just quit moving. It’s late-early extension. I’m doing a lot of work on feeling like I’m getting my left butt behind my back heel and sitting down to keep rotating, but it’s not really helping. Hitting a lot of hoseled shots and chunks when I work on this at the range. Is anybody who’s been in this position willing to divulge some swing thoughts?
  24. Get a Taylormade RBZ Tour and don’t look back!
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