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  1. Look at Rickie Fowler’s stats ( I just did ). Married in 2019, and all downhill since. It happen to Dufner as well (through divorce). The list goes on. You could argue, as Jack has many times, Barbara WAS THE KEY to his success. I would bet if someone took the time to plot the annual earnings of a golfer, with an intersection of marriage (or divorce), there would be a statistically significant correlation between the two variables. It’s just life. Wait until kids come along. Priorities change, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We as fa
  2. I said the same thing about Spieth. Marriage is an inflection point and can be a (good & bad) distraction. I was criticized for saying it then (about Spieth), but it’s the truth: marriage is difficult. For some of these guys, you never know what demands or pressure is being put on these guys, and on their wives. My (previous) profession, which was high risk/high reward, did not differ. Some wives & husbands were better at handling it than others, and it had a direct impact on performance (or PnL in my case).
  3. FWIW, I have a U500 3-iron which has the same gap. Took it to a local (trusted) club-fitter, and he said there aren’t any issues GLWS
  4. I may be interested in the Ventus shaft and Sophie is interested in the other……no bull shih tzu
  5. I never thought about that (re golf ball) in respect of Faldo’s career. I often wondered why he doesn’t play on the senior circuit.
  6. Crickets from the keyboard warriors, otherwise known as students of the Brandel Chamblee School of Golf:)
  7. You can’t even see the TrackMan’s most of the time.
  8. Ping Glide 3.0, 50 degree (bent to 51) Ping Glide 3.0, 54 degree (bent to 55) & Cleveland Reg 588, 52-8
  9. I stand corrected then. Does the X3 require stickers for all datasets?
  10. If I may, I would add a big advantage of the Quad is the ability to drop it, anywhere, on the course. If I get out when course is not busy, I can practice with club and ball analysis, in seconds. Food for thought.... FWIW.
  11. I prefer the PX 6.0 over the KBS C-Taper 120S. Not sure if/how I can explain it (no data available).
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