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  1. What about Els 8 putt? Stenson's shank when he was chasing Jordan last year?
  2. It's funny how people say they like him less when he gets mad about a bad round. So your saying none of you ever get mad after a bad round? And have to then talk to the media about it..
  3. Third and final time right heel and a little flex in the knee.
  4. Active duty marine here, stationed in Hawaii..
  5. Just put in a order for all styles, here's a link to another promo code for someone else. http://shortpar4.refr.cc/3H3B54T
  6. I keep the package and put it back in there when the round is done. Seems to prolong the life and I keep a range glove on the carry part of my bag.
  7. One item for sale today. It's a UST Mamiya Attas-T2 7x. Had it installed in my Bio Cell +, but the shaft just really isn't for me. It's only been used for about 3 months. **With purchase of this shaft I will throw in a brand new, never hit the course NDMC standard size grip. I can install it or just put it in the package. Price is $40.00
  8. Clubs in signature. I'm a aeronautical welder in the United States Marine Corps.
  9. I believe Shawn Lu, he was the Hawaii state am who qualified this year.
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