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  1. I just put in an order for the G425 woods, hybrid, and some glide wedges but I’m still hanging on to my G25 irons. I’m an 8 handicap and played Eye 2, I3 O size, I5, I15, and then the G25’s. I would say the I5’s were the best iron I ever played until I got the G25’s with recoil 95. Anyone try the G425’s with recoils yet and any comparisons to the G25’s?
  2. I had two discs replaced in my neck, c5-6 and c6-7. Overall the results have been better than what I was experiencing before the surgery. I gave up golf and a lot of activities because of the stiffness in my neck and nerve pain in my arms. I’m back to golfing and doing most of the things I quit because of the pain. I also made significant changes after the surgery to make sure I could have the best outcome by walking a few miles every day, lots of stretching, yoga, and PT exercises that I still do almost every day. I had the problem with my neck for almost 15 years so there was a lot of muscul
  3. I get it in my left thumb also, but it comes from two herniated discs in my neck.
  4. I'm on my third year of gaming mine with the leather grip and its the best putter I have ever used. I used to get about two putters a year, now I don't even look at putters anymore when I go to the golf shop. I can't see any reason to change it. I say use it, that is what its for.
  5. I went to a professional club fitter and he put in a Whiteboard 63S and its the best driver I have hit in 10 years and I have hit a lot of them.
  6. Count me in, all of my clubs are PING except for the putter.
  7. [quote name='Tiger Jr.' timestamp='1281055280' post='2621446'] I'm going to be in Traverse City and Manistee the week after Labor Day (after playing in the MI Mid-Am at the Hills/Ross at Boyne Highlands the week before), and I'm probably going to play the Bear on that Tuesday, and another round in the Manistee area on Thursday. I'm considering shelling out the $180 for Arcadia Bluffs, but I'm not sure if I want to do it, since I'll be on my own. One thing that will sway my decision -- does anyone know if they allow walking? If so, is it any cheaper? The other place I'm considering playin
  8. I have switched back and forth between the two of them but I realize now that I putt the best with anser style non face balanced putters. I've had a newport 2 buttonback since they were released and I have no reason to switch at all.
  9. I play Arcadia once a year and cant wait until that day comes that I get to play, I'm sure you will get back to play it again.
  10. [quote name='DrawBias' date='02 July 2010 - 04:26 PM' timestamp='1278109602' post='2551747'] I have this combo: G15 4 and 5 irons; i15 6 through U I'm an 8 handicap - and was fit for these irons a couple of months ago. Overall, I've been very pleased.....but I never hit the 4/5 iron in the i15 -- so I can not compare to the G15. I've had some "what if" thoughts - and would like to hit the i15 long irons.....just to validate that I made the right choice. That said, I would recommend you hitting them side by side - prior to determining the make-up of your set. [/quote] I'm also an 8 han
  11. I had it years ago, but I would say the Taylor Made R580 titanium 3 wood was one of the best three woods I have ever owned. I think my G15 three wood might be just as good. Its definitely the best Ping 3 wood I have ever owned.
  12. Its the best bag I've ever owned. I have had two hoofers, an ogio, and a sun mountain 3.5. I ride more than walk and I like everything about it and I also use the putter well with no problems. If you walk all the time I would get the lightest bag possible.
  13. I agree, both have great feel and good distance but I would say that G15 is definitely more forgiving.
  14. i15's with Tour-W 52 and 58TS
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