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  1. Mine was 25 putts with a Tad Moore 'Maxfli' putter with melonite QPQ finish (would not rust). Made 5 or 6 birdies on a new course (to me) plus some good par putts to shoot 75. Used this during another round, but I don't remember making a lot of putts in my best scoring round (71) which featured no birdies but one eagle on a par 5. Only career round with a '+' differential. Can't tell which model as there are layers of lead tape across the sole.
  2. I like this as well. Just wish it stayed tacky longer. No grip is any good if it has to be replaced too frequently because it is nearly impossible to get flat sides on any grip to be in the same position when replaced. If it were a bit lighter, it would be even better!
  3. Yes, I had both of those sets! How do current ball covers hold up to the '88 Redlines? Using some of the data on the Titleist site (graphs of launch/spin for various shafts), I decided to try the NS Pro 105T. I'm not sure where to turn short of finding a set and pulling shafts - and making sure the shafts are still straight. I found a set of Apex 4s on one of the sites - might have been 2nd Swing - that I have around, and I have a couple of sets of Apex 3s that are pulls when someone changed shafts. I had a set of custom irons from Titleist - they suggested FM 6.0 which were W
  4. I used to provide this advice to the few young golfers who wanted to see how good they could be. Not everyone wants to practice and try to hit different shot shapes, but if you want to be truly successful, you need more than one stock shot. I had '88 Hogans (first model with 'square grooves') on order and borrowed my HP's set of PCs for a day. Couldn't wait to give them back, and I was a bit concerned with thoughts of "What did I get myself into?" They were fine, though, with the exception that they beat the cover of the balata balls something fierce. I watched a ball literally knuckle in
  5. Yeah, currently has his own spec iron, too! What an animal!
  6. Are the Pro Modus 105 R shafts taper tip or parallel tip, please? Presume they are straight as well. Would you give me the total length, from tip to butt cap or end of shaft, of the 5-iron shaft, please? Thanks!
  7. Looks like my previous attempt to post didn't make it! So, how about Sounder (Seve had a set of SB4 irons at one time). Or, Teardrop putters? Jerry Barber Golden Touch, the sh**k proofs. Wood Brothers persimmon. Is Ray Cook still made? Slotline putters. Snake Eyes. There was another short-lived, niche company called MAC which had metal woods with a 'half ball' depression in the sole; also made wedges. Kevin Burns putters (used by Olazabal to win a Masters). My first set of irons were Bobby Brooks. No idea who he was or who made the clubs, but they were HEAVY and swingweight had to b
  8. Actually, Callaway produced this last model. Not sure if they were 2005 or 2006 models as the transition to Callaway led to some delays. These were very similar in design to an earlier Hogan model with the 'signature' in a slightly different placement on the back pad. I can't say that I had the two versions to compare directly, but photos indicate similar design appearance. I don't believe the heads have conforming grooves, though. Also, the sets I saw had Dynamic Gold or Rifle shafts, not the Hogan Apex shafts. Not sure if Callaway didn't want to produce more shafts or why this happened
  9. Funny, I've sent a number of Bushnell units back for evaluation over the years while working in different golf shops. They always provided a reference number back to me (via email) so that I could check the status. And yes, I sent the form back with each unit returned for evaluation, usually out of warranty. Even when the unit was deemed not repairable, they made an effort to appease the customer by offering a new unit at substantial discount (didn't have to do it immediately, either - once was almost a year later that the member decided to move forward). Depending upon the time of year, t
  10. They should be a lot longer lasting than the old, Wilson Staff orange. The older balls had a painted color which peeled. I think the color is now blended into the cover material and should therefore be more durable
  11. Thank you very much, Tony! Looks like it is time to save the $$$$$ for a while!
  12. Do reflective stickers need to be used, or can a silver Sharpie be an alternative? Will the Mevo or Mevo+ provide data without linking to a smart phone or tablet? In addition to using a launch monitor for my own use to tune carry yardage, I'd also like to be able to use it as a fitting tool. I'm on the fence as to whether or not these will be accurate enough to do what I need as I can't justify the expense of a Flight Scope or TrackMan, even if refurbished vs. new.
  13. This took a lot of thought. Ten years was a long time ago, and I had to think where I was working to figure out what I was playing. So, 10 years ago, my bag had the following: Titleist 907 D2 with Fujikura Z Com 6, stiff. Sonartec SS-03 14* with stock shaft, stiff. Ben Hogan CFT hybrid 2 and 3 with Apex 4 steel shafts. Ben Hogan 2003 Apex 4-E with Apex 4 shafts. Cleveland 900 54* (std bounce) and 60* (low bounce), both raw finish. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #3, charcoal mist finish (carbon steel with a finish that still is intact!). Moving up to 5 years ago, I had a very similar set: Tit
  14. Howard, I'm not quite sure what you mean on the 3/8" or 5/16" "poor mans MOI match". Would you please explain this for me? thank you!
  15. Didn't know that anyone was fitting with such older shafts. I have a set of Rifle 6.0 pulls from some Titleists, obviously many years back, and they are 'old school' length (meaning 37 3/4" for 5-iron instead of 38"). Still have grips in plastic, but the tips have not been cleaned up at all. I think they are 3-P.
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