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  1. Dumb statistics tracking question: Do putts from the fringe or rough near the green count as regular putts or are they regarded as chips or shots from off the green (a normal stroke)? Thanks everyone!
  2. I think a fun idea, though possibly not in the spirit of quicker play in pro-settings, could be to implement a risk/reward component to the “divot relief” issue. Let’s say someone drives a ball into the fairway (or rough, whichever) and concludes that their ball is in a divot and that they are entitled relief. They can then call a rules official over and here’s where it gets interesting. The official can conclude 1) that the ball is indeed in a divot (or ground under repair) and that the player is allowed a drop within two feet (to reduce placement advantage) of the divot, no closer to the hole and with no penalty. Alternatively, the rules official can 2) conclude that the lie is reasonable and that the player has wasted everyone’s time by requesting relief from a reasonably natural lie and is penalized one stroke for violating code of conduct (or being unsporting, or whatever). Intent being that if a player wants relief from what they think is a divot, they better be really damn sure of it. Feel free to amend as desired or roast me for bringing more complication to an already complicated game.
  3. I just got their new heavy version which definitely lives up to the name. It's got an authoritative heft to it and the durability to match. That being said, the original one I've got hasn't bent at all. Just some scuffing on the prongs, which is expected. Great divot tool all around! https://birdicorn.com/
  4. Likewise here. Been using the SM 4.5 LS for a while now and its light and comfortable w/ the 14 way divider. Not one regret with it!
  5. That’s what I ended up going with. While I’m sure the occasion will come that I’ll need to do partial swings with it, it’ll perfectly accommodate the soft spot between my full PW length (150y) and GW length (110y).
  6. I definitely agree with you that the partial shots and knowing how/when to hit them are a big part of the game. Wedges are also a great tool to have, but are possibly relied upon too much in lieu of more “feel” shots with other clubs. Personally I’m kicking around the idea of junking my 60° because I’ll have occasion to use it maybe twice a round, and even then I can likely make a better shot with a partial sand wedge. novelty isn’t worth having in the bag if it isn’t actually useful. This game is about balance in my opinion and is driven by ones goals with the game. If someone wants to enjoy the game and does so with nothing but stock shots and a 10 HC, great! There’s a market for that. If someone wants to entertain the added challenge of partial shots, shaped shots, etc., the game allows for it and a lot of courses reward that, IMO. For my particular issue in my first post, I’d like to have a ball that goes 115-125yd on a full swing, and the AW 46° accomplishes that so I don’t have to throttle back on my PW on approach shots quite as often. Separate point re: golfers from the 50-60s vs now: they were artists that had to get the most of their equipment and had to know all the tricks to do so. More having to to shape their game to accommodate their equipment. Modern golf is more often than not athletes-turned-golfers that can customize their equipment to suit their strengths.
  7. If you don’t know what your standard shot is, how will you how varying conditions will affect it and how to adapt to them?
  8. This is likely going to be the choice for me. Shot for shot, it'll replace a previous iron set club so for continuity's sake, its the right call. Just going to get the same lie angle and shaft specs.
  9. I would say that gapping is massively important, for all players. Knowing what goes what distance in ideal conditions is the foundation upon which one can innovate and create, as you put it. And to be honest, most players don't want to have to default to fractional shots either b/c they don't want to, don't have the time to practice, etc. I'd much rather shoot a boring 80 with mostly full shots than run unnecessary risk and strokes in the name of "innovation and creation" for its own sake.
  10. Oh yeah, I absolutely agree here. the 41* is definitely strong, but that's ok. The PW it's replacing was 46*, so the goal is to replicate that club with either a set AW (46*, if memory serves), or a wedge that can still cover 130yds but still be used for more versatile shots within 100yds. I don't think it would be used around the green though. That's better suited for a 50/54/58 wedge set IMO, while still maintaining full shot gapping.
  11. @Pepperturbo that’s what I was leaning towards as well based on the AW specs. This is kind of the first step in renewing my entire bag, so I wanted to see how some people go about transitioning from their iron sets to their wedges. Past my 52° Vokey, I’ve got 56° and 60° Adam’s Tom Watson (!) SW and LW. So upgrades are likely on the horizon haha.
  12. As happy as I am to be the proud new owner of a set of Mavrik irons, their stronger lofts have presented me with a bit of a gapping issue and purchasing problem. I need some advice. The loft of the PW in this set is 41 degrees (per their spec sheet). The loft on my next highest-lofted club, a Titleist Vokey SM5, is 52 degrees. I use it as my Gap Wedge. My dilemma is this: Should I opt for 1) The Mavrik's A-Wedge option, with a stock loft of 46 degrees (this is the same loft as the PW i previously used) -or- 2) A wedge specific product (Vokey, Cleveland, etc.) falling in the 46-48 degree range Thanks everyone!
  13. All of these look great. I def like the look of the Seamus markers; rustic and classy. For now, I’m just rocking my old UF marker and collect and display markers from each course I play with a little DIY craftiness. Keep the pics coming!
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