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  1. Thanks. Has anyone gained some yards, maybe even 10 or 20, that way?
  2. Thanks. Im thinking trampoline here. That would protect the wall. Just don‘t know if the ball will come back with too much speed. Ok, not too heavy.
  3. I wonder if my wall can take it. I sure need wood on top and maybe something dampening in between.
  4. So I have been working out in a Bodybuilding/Powerlifting manner for more than a year and I want to add a rotational core exercise. Thought this is a good one. Does anybody do this? I don't have medicine balls yet. What weight do you start out with and how many reps and sets?
  5. Does being chubby shorten your backswing? My backswing doesn't get longer with longer clubs. I swing back as much with my 6 iron as with my driver. I am not fat but chubby.
  6. Hi guys, a 917 D2 with 9.5 degrees is in delivery because I have the same with 10.5 right now and I think I need a more penetrating ball flight. I ordered it with the "tour spec" version of Speeder Pro in Stiff. Thought it can't hurt as I am kind of in between Stiff and X-Stiff. I play the normal version in stiff right now. I think my driver swing speed is about 108. Has anyone had a chance to compare these two? Is it a good choice for someone in between flexes?
  7. Right, but i guess the same applies to my 4 wood right? If it stops as well as the 4 wood... I just don't want crazy much roll.
  8. Hey guys, I am trying to fit the Gap between my 16.5 degree Titleist 917 F2 4 wood and my Wishon 565 MC Forged 4 Iron, which I have bent down half a degree to 22,5 degrees. I was thinking tu utilize a titleist U510 Driving Iron. Either bend a 2 Iron a bit up or a 3 iron a tad down. Is the U510 really low spin or is it comparable to the 917 F2? I don't want too much spin, but also not too little. How does it compare to my 4 iron and the 4 wood? I figure that I will save more shots with 4 wedges than with too many long clubs. That is why in the long game, there are larger gaps. I don't mind swinging a long club a little softer, if it means I have tight gaps with the wedges. Playing Stiff shafts at 100-105 mph driver speed. Thanks
  9. The range balls are pretty old at that facility
  10. Wow, I thought this was a question that could be answered easily.
  11. Ok. I will see what the fitting costs and then maybe compare some drivers
  12. Hey guys, thanks for your answers. I usually hit 1.5 to 2 degrees up with my driver. Dynamic loft: I am not sure. I will let you know when I know more!
  13. I have already made some progress. Like you I couldn't touch my toes. Now I can easily. I have a shortish backswing, You can do this 90/90 in the video? I need to do some serious work!
  14. I live near Frankfurt, Germany. No specialits here.
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