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  1. It taught me to go low I need to take risks, mistakes are going to happen so I need to be aggressive on the easier holes to get birdies to cancel bogeys out. The best players at my club +3 +2 handicap can hit 16 greens and go bogey free but that’s not me, I’m delighted with 10 greens in regulation. I’m usually guilty of trying to avoid double bogeys, protecting a good score before I have one.
  2. As the title says, I was having the round of my life -3 on the 17th tee, I then performed a miracle and holed out for eagle from a bad position after a bad tee shot, 155 yards out in the rough partially blocked out by trees. Probably played about 1000 rounds in my life, my only other round under par was -2 67 on the same course, that was in a competition. I doubt I’ll go this low again even though I plan to play for another 40 years. The course was playing as easy as I gets, no wind, receptive greens, still in good condition before winter comes. I’ve been playing a lot and putting a lot of cards in, yesterday was a 4 ball and we weren’t submitting cards therefore I was really relaxed and very aggressive, I tried to drive the drivable 2nd and 12th and the par 5 13th in 2. This resulted in me hitting 14/18 greens which is roughly twice as much as I usually hit, iron ball striking is my weakness. Done this whilst playing foursome match play, I had 3 par putts within 2 feet which were conceded. Course is a par 69 5753 yards from yellow tees, 127 slope, 68.1 rating. My handicap is currently 5.6 with my 8 best scores all between +4 and +7. This is my version of the rounds I read about with 2 holes in ones in one round or guys who shoot 58/57. Insane round my playing partners were in disbelief, I filled out a card after the round as a momento…
  3. Oosthuizen is #1 in strokes gained putting this year so he can definitely putt.
  4. When is the uk release date? I love the white and black ones originally advertised by koepka
  5. Only key workers are supposed to be working in the uk but the English and Scottish golf unions have asks the government for permission to carry out essential maintenance on courses. if they are left for month I doubt it’ll be as simple as cutting the grass when they reopen especially the greens
  6. He went for everything today and hit 17 greens, I’d try to keep that attitude, no need to be wreckless though He showed some nerves when he took the lead on Friday I bet Westwood at 100/1, I think he felt the pressure today with the putter and I worry about him not having a real caddy Jb Holmes had some nervy putts today Fleetwood, Rose and koepka handle pressure well Fowler seems to get the odd 6 or 7 when pressure is on
  7. I’m sure they give tour players the hottest/borderline drivers and they can become illegal through use when the face begins to wear out and get slightly thinner
  8. > @"One Putter" said: > > @"Big Cat 3" said: > > > @"One Putter" said: > > > 5 fairways and he shoots 69, if YJS ever finds a consistent swing again he'll win a lot of majors. > > It’s how he plays ... like Phil just a poor driver and great iron player, turned from a great putter to streaky putter > > Too young yet to count out for a few more majors but with pure talents like BK just stressing majors, JS May have peaked > > > > > > JS is just on such a different level than anyone else putting wise, it's pretty crazy how Brooks can put the ball anywhere he wants at any time and yet he's only 2 strokes ahead of an out-of-form Jordan. He’s middle of the pack in putting this week
  9. My answer was the rogue 4 wood, great off the tee, great off the deck, very forgiving I find drivers go nearly as far a drivers these days so are kind of pointless, 4 wood gives better gapping and added bonus of more forgiveness
  10. Don’t live far from st Andrew’s so have visited a good few times, it’s a special place, especially for avid golfers, the history is amazing.
  11. So do we think the tournament is over? A 7 shot lead after making 14 birdies in the first two days seems like a huge lead. Even if Brooks does mess up he is making loads of birdies so will likely recover and it’s hard to make up ground on a tremendously difficult course without making mistakes yourself
  12. > @MIgolfer20 said: > George Gankas players are taking over! pretty impressive. Who are the George gankas players?
  13. Mark told my golf spy a YouTube day is his worst nightmare, meeting the crazy YouTube commenters in real life Mark is very arrogant and unlikable at times
  14. ‘Fan of Italian golf’ never heard that one before
  15. His 5 and 9 iron are artisan but his 6,7 and 8 irons are Adams, very very strange haha
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