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  1. I opted to keep my gap in the end as well. Somewhat annoying that it’s technically speaking not a true set match, but the differences are minuscule.
  2. It is odd. I chatted with Mizuno to ask some questions and they just pointed me to the specs on the Hot Metal page. They couldn’t tell me anything about the sand or lob. I was mostly curious if they follow the same cavity back (ish) profile. Never found an answer, but I’ve decided to look at the T20’s or another alternative.
  3. Yes. My gap was ordered with the same shaft as my iron set - opposed to a wedge shaft. Thought there is the gap is typically a full shot club. May want to try your local golf shop and have them order it if you’re not having luck online.
  4. Thanks for this. I assume the 921's are similar to the 919's, but I still can't find specific info on the 921 wedges. Mizuno couldn't even give me a webpage, just the specs at the bottom of the irons page.
  5. It’s funny, I asked Mizuno chat support if the HM wedges had cast or milled grooves and they were like oh they’re a cast club. Yeah, I get that. Haha So the milled face and quad cut groves do perform pretty well then and hold up over time?
  6. What do you like most about them? Have you had a chance to play them or just the looks / specs? I’m around an 8 handicap. Have played full blade forged Scratch wedges for the past decade and don’t want to give them up - aside from the fact I’ll need to with my new gaps. Played Vokey’s before that. So more of a cavity back wedge is a new thing for me.
  7. Glad to hear others are doing this. Something to consider.
  8. This is spot on. I can get caught up in the numbers, when I should rely on results.
  9. Knowing what I know now, that's actually not a bad idea. The HMP and F share the same offset.
  10. I understand what I got is correct. At the time of ordering, I assumed when the fitter asked if I wanted the gap wedge, that it was a true set matching gap wedge like they typically are. Yes, they are the same loft. Yes, I'm sure it would perform perfectly fine. However, if I purchased the pros for a more compact head and less offset, why would I want the shortest iron to have the least of these characteristics. When combo sets are created, you typically have more forgiveness in the long irons and more workability in the short irons. My comment was that this is backwards. If only it were so ea
  11. After a few weeks of waiting, I brought home my new JPX921 Hot Metal Pro irons. Shout out to Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti (Ann Arbor) for a great fitting experience! So here's my observation / questions. I've been meaning to put a gap wedge in the bag for some time now. I opted to order the "set matching" gap wedge on recommendation, as you're typically taking full swings. Makes sense. Upon receiving my clubs, I noticed that the gap wedge is part of a line of JPX921 wedges. While similar to my HMP's, not truly set matching as I expected. Now I'm in this dilemma. Is the JP
  12. I will retain the respect and privacy of those involved, but I can confirm that the league is pay in full up front.
  13. The owner of the club was present for the shot that caused the dent. It was a golf ball off a regular tee shot. No rocks, tee markers, or other foreign objects involved.
  14. I'll reiterate, this didn't happen to me. It was an occurrence in the league I run. Good group of 20 guys. Some long time friends, a few new friends, and maybe an acquaintance or two. Either way, I suspect most all of us to be gentlemen in a situation like this. Just wanted to see what the community thought of the situation and if there was any good advice.
  15. It was in fact a ball off a tee. Just a horrid top that missed the face...and was apparently on the downswing still. Here's the other kicker. The borrower is recently out of work. They've said they want to make it right, but can't right now.
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