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  1. If the 223 are smaller than the MMCs and the 225 are similar in size then we are going to see a very players looking hollow bodied iron. The HMBs were very chunky and did not look players like imo. Very interested to see these!
  2. HMB are hollow whereas the 921 forged are a one piece forging. HMB were bigger and more offset then the forged to my eye. I really disliked the look of the HMB and would love to see it look more like a players iron while retaining ball speed and forgiveness.
  3. I owned/still own the boron JPX 900 forged and loved the way they looked and played. People criticized the feel but I always enjoyed the feel of center strikes and the feedback of bad strikes. I now have the JPX 921 forged with the 7-4 being Chromoly. I think the entire 921 set is softer than the 900 forged. They really do feel great and the 7-4 chromoly irons are like butter when struck out of the middle. Performance is a wash imo. Distances are the same between the two materials and I don't notice any difference in forgiveness. I know Mizuno likes to tout improvements to new generations and on a launch monitor they are probably are a small bit better, but I don't notice any. I prefer the 921's because I was fitted into new and heavier PX 6.5 shafts, but would enjoy playing the 900 forged just as much if they had the same shafts.
  4. I always have a 64 in the bag and used to use it for all types of shots... until I learned how to open up my 58 and use its bounce. Because of this change I don't blade shots over the green and only use the 64 a couple times a year for circus shots. Dangerous club but glad I have it when I land behind a tree and need to pop ball straight up in air or when I am deep in a bunker and just need more loft.
  5. When the MP 54s came out I decided to splurge on my first brand new set of irons. 8 custom irons for $1000.00 total. What was that.....6 years ago? Times they are a changing.
  6. I believe the reveal tomorrow will show a pure platinum insert thereby explaining the cost of the irons.
  7. Yep. Just standard shipping.
  8. I purchased 10 dozen Vice Pro golf balls in 2018 and I liked them for the price but I felt that they were a little short off the tee and durability was not great. Wasn't impressed enough to buy more and went to Snell last year. Got an email from Vice last week and made a snap purchase. Just received 6 dozen Vice Pro balls in Mail on their recent promotion and paid $25 a dozen all in. Shipped from Germany to Indianapolis in less than a week! This year's model is long off the tee, spinny around the green and feel off the clubface is incredible. I played 7 holes today and ball didn't have a mark on it. I am sure ProV 1s are made with better and more consistent manufacturing but not $25 more a dozen worth....especially not at my skill level. Really impressed with the quality and performance gains Vice has made in the last 3 years. Just wanted to bump this thread and share my experience.
  9. If you compress ball then blades can be played similarly to cb's most times imo. I sweep and hit low in face quite a bit so I can't play them. Would love to.....but cb's help me significantly with my imperfect swing.
  10. Still playing my Biocell hybrid. Longest tenured club in the bag. Cost me $80 brand new when I bought it a year after its release. These new prices on hybrids are crazy.... especially considering how little real technological improvement there is from year to year.
  11. I have PX 6.5 hardstepped in my 921 forged G-5 at D3. I ordered 58 and 54 degree Vokey wedges with the same shaft but not hardstepped(D6). I love the way they feel on full shots and near the green on chips shafts don't matter imo. Keeping the same shaft provides consistency and continuity in your bag.
  12. A golf pro I know who sells Mizuno was told the Mizuno factory in Atlanta added an extra shift to speed up production. Hopefully this is true and you guys get your sticks sooner.
  13. Vessel standbag and new Rose and Fire headcovers.
  14. I randomly bought a used Odyssey Metal X Milled #7 off ebay 2 winters ago. Put on my favorite Garsen Ultimate grip and took to course. I haven't used another putter since. My custom Lajosi that was 6xs more expensive is sitting in basement. I love the #7 shape and the forgiveness and consistency across the face.
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