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  1. Hit my 921 forged again today. Feel is so good for a players distance iron! Another observation is that the ball speed coming off the 7-5(chromoly) irons is impressive. These bad boys make the ball move. Going to play a few rounds next week so will get a feeling on distances. I played my 900 forged for over 4 years and knew exactly what each club could do. I have the 921s bent to exact lofts so it will be interesting if they are truly longer. Some comparison photos. 900 forged on the left.
  2. Irons came in today. Took to the range in 55 degree weather. Sound, feel and distance go to the 921's but my 900s look better imo. Topline on the 900s is thinner and you can't see back of club in 7-5 iron. 921s were fitted to me with the right shaft and length so looking forward to improving my game with them. 900s will still be in garage.....not selling them yet.
  3. Are irons delivered ups or usps? Edit: found an old Mizuno box in garage and saw it was fedex.
  4. My fitter said my irons are being built today and I should have them by Friday. My order was submitted to Mizuno on Septwmber 10th.
  5. I ordered around September 9th I think. Regional rep told my fitter this week that pre-orders should be shipped or shipping very soon. Whatever that means.
  6. Am I correct that the mp 18 series was 1/4 longer than the jpx 900 series and the MP 4 series? So Mizuno has added 1/2 inch length to standard in the last 4 to 5 years?
  7. The 900 forged were 36.75 on a 7 iron. That means these will be the exact length of my old irons. My fitter ordered the A weight heads. I think this could be an issue especially with swing weight. I do not want swing weight to be over D-3. I wonder if I should change order to standard length.
  8. I am so confused.. a few years ago Mizuno always had their standard length 1/4 inch shorter than other brands. They changed that and now are standard to everyone else correct? My 900 forged are 3/4 inch over old Mizuno standard. I purchased the 921 forged 1/4 over assuming I would be a 1/4 inch less than what I play now. Am I right or have things changed again?
  9. I used the Mizuno chat feature and they told me based on my order date I should expect a October 2nd ship date. Very friendly and helpful customer service. I am impressed.
  10. I was told originally by my fitter that I would get irons on the 17th. Later I texted our regional Mizuno rep and he said the turnaround time will be 13 days...I am assuming he meant 13 days from the 17th. My 900 forged have some time to shine still!
  11. Makes you wonder if the shafts a person orders makes a difference in when they get their irons. You ordered very early!
  12. Today is release day kiddies!!! I predict many of you will receive your sticks today. My order was delayed two days by my fitter due to him not writing down my address and emailing me later. I dont anticipate mine until next week. Post pics when you receive them!
  13. I have already said this on a previous post but it keeps getting brought up....the 921 forged feel sooo good. I keep thinking about it as its been a while since my fitting. Incredible that a club can look this good and feel this good and be that forgiving and long. All companies make great equipment these days. I play Mizuno based on feel.
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